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Earning My Ears
Jan 27, 2001
Hey everyone! We're heading to WDW for the first time since '93 (first time with all 3 kids) and I'd like some input on my dining choices. My kids are ages 11, 6 and 4. BTW...we are staying at the Polynesian (lagoon view concierge) which is another first for us. Any info (from a "younger" point of view) would be most appreciated. Here are the restaurant choices:

Chef Mickeys (dinner/1st night): I figured it was a great way to introduce my kids to the characters
Prime Time Cafe (lunch)
Hoop Dee Doo - (never done this in all my visits growing up....yea or nay?)
Rainforest Cafe (lunch)
Coral Reef (lunch): mainly for the "atmosphere"
Rose & Crown (dinner): late PS---mainly for a late snack and to see the fireworks
Ohana's at the Poly
CA GRill at Contemporary (again, late dinner; mainly for appetizers/desserts and to see fireworks)
Cape May clambake buffet
Cindy's for breakfast and CRystal Palace (lunch) : still have to schedule these as our trip gets closer.

Thanks for all the input. I'm sure I'll be back to this board as our trip gets closer (Aug.). Hope you don't mind an "adult" lurking here.

We went to Chef Mickey's on our first night there, too. It was really cool- I have 2 younger brothers, and I think it kinda got us all even more excited about being in WDW!
<font face="bimini" size=4 color=dodgerblue>Chef Mickey's is a good place to get started. Ohana's wasn't really THAT great... Prime Time is awesome! Rainforest Café is also really good. I also would recommend going to Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner @ MK (it's a character meal also). It's soooooooooo good! Le Cellier & Tepanyaki @ Epcot are also really good!</font>

I've never been to Chef Mickey's but I think that a character meal would be a good idea for the first night. I guess it would introduce your kids to the 'disney magic 'and get them ready for the rest of the vacation.
My favourite place for a character meal is the Hollywood and Vine at MGM.
I would definitely recommend the Sci Fi Dine in Theatre-my sister and I love it(I'm 16 but a little kid at heart and she's just turned 12).
We also liked the Liberty Tree Tavern at MK. We had a great waitor-he brought us complementary cookies at the end of the meal and when we were eating, he sprinkled mickey sequins all over the table! He made the meal really fun. Also, I hear they do character meals there but I'd check anyway.

I would recommend the Rainforest Cafe for kids-we just spent the whole time watching the animatronic animals on the ceiling!!
Anyway, hope this helps. If you need anymore young peoples' opinions, you know where to look!:p
My favorite, favorite, favorite is the California Grill, good choice. :) My little sisters love to color on the tablecloths, and be sure to order the Rice Krispy Treat sushi for dessert, it's so cute!
My other favorites from your picks: Chef Mickey's, '50s Prime Time Cafe. My sisters love 'Ohana but it's not my favorite.
Cindy's, what a treat! Best of luck with that, I've never tried to get in but you'll have a great time if you go.
Chef Mickey's Good Choice! It is one of my faves!


Chef Mickeys ~~ Believe it or not, I've been to WDW 11 times, and I've never eaten here! But from what everyone else is saying, it sounds like a good choice =) Prime Time Cafe ~~ One of the best restaurants in WDW. We eat here every time we go. Good food (kid-friendly, too), awesome atmosphere, and friendly servers (mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin...) Hoop Dee Doo ~~ Sorry, I've never been there... Rainforest Cafe ~~ I would say 'take it or leave it' to this one. It's really dark inside, and the food isn't absolutely terrific. I guess you should do it this time for the experience, but I don't highly recommend it... Coral Reef ~~ I ate here my 2nd trip in '94, so I don't really remember much about it. We went for breakfast, and the atmosphere was definitely cool. Rose & Crown ~~ I love Rose & Crown! I'm not big on trying new foods, but I got the fillet mignon (sp?) here, and it was great. I'm sure that if their food is that good, so are the snacks. Ohana's ~~ We ate here last month on our latest trip. They have a set menu, and bring out your meal in 2 different 'installments' I guess you could call it. If your kids don't like what they have to offer, they can get a burger, mac & cheese, etc. from Kona Cafe next door. CA Grill ~~ I've never been here, either. Cape May clambake buffet ~~ LOL, I can't remember if I've eaten here or not... =) Cindy's ~~ I love, love, love this restaurant. I've eaten here a few times and the food is great, the atmosphere is really cool, and you can look out into Fantasyland from some of the seats! Crystal Palace ~~ This is a pretty good buffet...Pooh and his friends walk around, too.

And if I may suggest...if you have any unschedueled meals, or you feel like a delicious burger, check out Beaches & Cream at the Yacht and Beach Club. They have awesome hamburgers, and really good ice cream, too! Hope I've helped a little bit =) Enjoy your trip.
You sound prepared! I have been 5 times and I love it. I am 13. I would just have to tell you about my favorite restaurant for my whole family Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant in MGM. It is like a drive in theater and it has a screen. Some CM wear roller skates. My family also loves there milk shakes. YUMMY! Hope you enjoy!:earseek:
The Hoop-Dee-Doo was ok, I went to it a few years back, but its a little too expensive though, so I'd pass on Hoop-Dee-Doo.
I have eaten at Chef Mickey's 4 times but didnt like it last year. They have Chip,Dale, Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie. Donald and Goffy have always been in the lobby but last year so was Minnie and one other it was kind of a waste considering you can go visit characters in the parks without paying for an decent dinner(in past years it was awesome). Hoop De Doo is the greatest!!!! They have ribs, and chicken to eat(and the BEST butter ever!!). The show is great and very cute!! Also, for dessert you get strawberry shortcake!! Rainforest is good as long as you dont eat at the AK one!!!! Service there is horrible!!!!! We waited in line for 30 minutes when we already had PS and then it took us an hour and a half to get our food!!! There are other horrible stories I have heard about there. Make sure to go to the one at DD and go 11 so its not crowded. i ate at Prime Time like 4 years ago so I dont remember too much but I remember I liked it...I was 9 when we went last time. Cindys for breakfast is great!! !They bring the food prepared allready and you get liek sausage, bacon, eggs,etc. We went there 2 years ago and I liked it alot...and all the Princess characters come year Wendy and Peter Pan came around!!! Crystal Palace has ok food in my opinion..I forgot what the kids dad didnt like it that much.

Hope I helped!!!


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