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May 29, 2000
Is there any way we could get seperate boards for the parks and the hotels? This board is being overwhelmed with HRH/PBH stuff now, and it's so often the same questions over and over, which may be lessened if it was moved to its own category ....
I agree, sounds like a great idea :)


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I also agree and I think there might even be enough to get a Universal Restaurants board too?

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I agree too - adding a 4th board for the on-site resorts questions.

Could we also add a board JUST for SUZ1414 ???
Yes I agree it's about time for this to happen. Without resorts and restaurants this board would almost not exist. This was not always true.
I agree too. I'm mainly interested in Universal resorts and sometimes it's frustrating trying to weed out just the resort stuff.
I've been away ... in Florida ... Come on Barry ... let us know if we can do this or why not?

Beckles, in case you haven't noticed there are LESS boards now, not MORE. The webmaster had to recently eliminate some boards due to technical problems.

I'm afraid that asking for ANOTHER one would not be in the cards any time soon but he is aware of the need.



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Being that I only go to the USF boards (I visit the WDW boards maybe once every three months, today actually being that one time in three months for instance), I did *not* notice that there were less boards ... I see the same number of boards I always do ... three.

This might be heresay then, but maybe we should swap out the trip reports board for hotels then, because there is certainly much more discussion about the hotels than there are trip reports ...
Some of the boards eliminated were the Seniors Board, the Singles Board, several others I didn't frequent myself.

This suggestion has been posted for the webmasters, we'll see what happens.

I don't think Barry would be too HAPPY if they let go of his Trip Reports Bd though! Wouldja, Barry?


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I understand Trip Reports are important, but there is so many fewer trip reports than there are HRH/PBH threads ...
The recent updated info threads have seemed to minimize a lot of the redundant questions that tended to congest this board. I'd personally hate to see the trip report board disappear as it's truly a perspective of UO activities I may have been ignorant to.


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