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    We're surprising the kids with a short April trip and we'll be spending one day at the MK, starting with Crystal Palace at 8:05 am! We're staying off-site for the first-time this trip, so I know next to nothing about the parking lot situation!

    1. How early do the parking lots open?

    2. How early does the transportation from the TTC begin? I'm guessing that monorail is better/faster than the ferry.

    3. Will "I have a PS at CP" allow me onto an early monorail?

    Any tips you have would be SO appreciated! I'm an early bird, over-planner, neurotic type so I need to be PREPARED for this!

    Thanks! Carmen

    P.S. I'm realizing how spoiled we are by Disney transportation! If I didn't have a conscience, I'd park at a resort and ride a bus just to avoid this parking hassle!!! :rolleyes:
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    The MK lot will be open early.

    You will have to give the CM at the TTC your confirmation number for CP and then they will allow you to take the resort monorail around to MK. It starts running at 7am.

    We did this same thing when staying off site. We had a PS at Chef Mickeys. We then went to MK after the PS. We actually just told the CM we had a PS at Chef Mickeys and he let us through, but be prepared with the confirmation number.

    Have fun.


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