Minivan for $199 week

Gator Kate

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Aug 18, 1999
I was able to get a minivan (Ford Windstar) for a week in May for $199(unlimited mileage/base rate)
from Budget. The code for this discount is LY and I called 1-800-455-2848. I'm picking up and returning to Gainesville FL so I don't know if it's available everywhere. I found this deal on a helpful site that has been mentioned here. It's
Save on WDW
Happy hunting ;)

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Mar 19, 2000
This code is good for Orlando. We have a week in May also. With taxes, the total is $250.52 (I think!). Budget didn't charge us an extra $5.00 per day for my DH to drive like Dollar does.


DIS Veteran
Nov 10, 1999
I tried the code and got no discount for Tampa in September. Either Tampa's not included or it's too far out right now. Thanks for the information anyway!


DIS Veteran
Apr 3, 2000
I was hoping my friends from the DIS would come through for me... and you did. The rate worked for our upcoming trip to Hilton Head. The best rate I could find was $289 for a Taurus. "Squish-city" with 4 of us. Now I can look forward to riding in comfort with no one toching anyone else! Thanks so much, Kate. :D

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