MDE working


DIS Veteran
Oct 29, 1999
i didn’t expect to say this but MDE is working well for us this trip. When ever I’ve had a problem finding something on MDE I go to chat and ask them how to do it.
When we had a real park issue (show cancelled from lightning) they told me how to handle it. I’ve had no trouble adding fast passes. I am totally surprised.

Thanks to Demara and Tabby
I wish I could say the same. I have nothing but 4 letter words for MDE this week. Did you know that AK only has one bathroom in the whole park? It's true - according to MDE (or at least that's what it showed when my DH was trying to deal with a bathroom emergency with our son). And that is but one example of missing or bad info.

I'm glad it was working for someone at least. Maybe there's hope.


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