March 18 '06 back from No. 8

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    Jan 23, 2000
    We had a fantastic cruise. The route was Eastern. The seas were flat! the best ever. We could not even feel the crossing of the gulf stream. Just amazing. The weather was HOT! It felt more like a Mid August cruise rather than a March cruise. Our worst day weather wise was Friday at Castaway Cay but even that day ended up being nice. The water was cold on Castaway but the cooler temps were a welcomed relief from the high heat from the previous days.

    The ship looks as great as ever. Disney does a wonderful job of maintaining her. She still looks as good in '06 as she did in '99.

    We were in Cat. 3 deck 8 room 8548. Everything in the room was in working order. Our luggage arrived early, we were all unpacked before the safety drill and party.

    We had a nice DIS meet and the teens got to meet each other so that was nice they knew faces before they started using the Stack.

    The food was great. I thought it was better than previous cruises. They now offer gluten free pasta for those who have to have a gluten free diet -- that would include me.

    Our serve team did a great job. It still amazes me how cast members we met previous cruises are still working for Disney and they recognized us. It just makes it feel like a nice comfy vacation home.

    We were disappointed in the Med. announcement. Nothing spectacular. Just a sheet of paper. Poor Jocelyn could not tell us any more because she too was clueless. She did know that the suites were gone because people waitlisted. My husband and myself don't agree with Disney's policy on that but they can do what they want. We won't be going on DCL next year because we need a suite. (If we are not in a suite we need two connecting rooms then we are charged for 4 people not 3 hence the reason for the cat. 3. If we pay that much we might as well have some perks.) We also have a precruise stay of 4 nights planned for our Med. cruise on Celebrity Galaxy and Jocelyn had no info for any precruise information. Instead of risking our vacation plans we decided to go with Celebrity.

    Hopefully our next DCL trip will be March '08 and it would be an Eastern. I really don't want to go western again.

    My only complaint, every morning between 3:30 and 5:00 Disney was doing work above our cabin on deck 9. I awoke every day to the banging of chairs being positioned and tables being moved. I know it was Disney because a fellow passenger said they had talked to somebody who finally went up to have a talk with the noise makers only to find out it was Disney crew workers. Don't they realize people were trying to sleep!

    Happy Cruising to All, Kathy
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    Kathy :sunny: ! Thanks for posting. I'm glad you had a good week. Flat seas huh? Figures :lmao: , I'm jealous. I'm relieved to hear that you think the food has improved. I have been reading reports lately that had me wondering if food qualilty had gone down from 3/04. Just as long as it is the same or better, my in laws will be fine.

    I think you are doing the right thing sticking with Celebrity. You will be off of the ship so much of the time. I don't think you will have time to make it to many shows. It will be a fun change of pace to have different meals. You will enjoy DCL all the more in 2008 because of the break. I hope you have a great time next year and write up a long trip report with pictures. Take care Kathy :goodvibes .
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    Glad that overall you had a great trip!

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