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Jan 18, 2005
Helping my son & GF plan their first trip to the world alone. We have been multiple times but only ever used the dining plan once. They are going during food and wine and are not planning any table service meals. We know that they can use their snack credits on most of the food at food & wine kiosks. I’m trying to make sure they make the most of the QS meals and deciding if it is actually worth it. The price difference is coming up to $525 difference for five nights on the QS DDP which comes to about $52 a day per person. That seems rather high to me but I know it’s a convenience thing to have meals prepaid.
They like specialty drinks - alcoholic and non alcoholic to include milkshakes etc.
What are the best places to take advantage of being able to get something other than standard soda or bottle water at QS?

Thanks in advance!


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May 22, 2009
What are the best places to take advantage of being able to get something other than standard soda or bottle water at QS?
Except MK, all QS have some kind of beer, wine, or cocktail on their menu that can be part of a QS meal. Milkshakes are harder to come by.

I suggest they eat where they want the food and not worry about it. If they use most of their snacks at F&W, they'll be ahead in that area. QS meals should come to around $20 to hit the value for those, and with alcoholic drinks, that's not hard to do.


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Apr 29, 2019
Quick service meals are around $10-18 per meal. Alcoholic beverages are $8-12. Snacks are approximately $6-8 per item.

You can buy alcoholic beverages in MK on the,quick service dining plan at Be Our Guest at breakfast and lunch. Reservations are required.

If they want to use a quick service credit at Food & Wine, some booths will allow one credit to equal 3 snacks when purchased in same transaction. This is also true, anywhere. You just can't have alcohol, as a "snack".


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Aug 17, 2005
FOr two young adults who enjoy a cocktail and who are going to use snack credits at F&W, I think they will be just fine on the QS plan. I would not worry about them breaking even. $52 a day will not be difficult to hit. I ordered a specialty cocktail with lunch in DHS and my bill there alone was over $26. Add in my Venti supercharges Starbucks beverage that checked out at $8.00 and I was almost paid for in one afternoon. Times that by 2 and you are golden.


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Jun 4, 2019
Disney Food Blog have some great info on getting the most bang for your buck with snack credits and have some great tips about maximising the DDP in general. Their videos on YouTube are a fun and informative watch.


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