Love the new boards!



Just wanted to say how much I like these new boards - especially the email notification feature and private messaging!
Hi, DisneyFix! Glad to see that you found the new boards okay! Welcome to our new home! ;)
I think the boards are going to be great! Just need some getting used to. Hope the moderators don't mind some playing around as we get aquainted again!
Oh my I like this! It seems so technical, lol! Well, anyway welcome to your new home Pete and friends! I am looking forward to participating as usual!

WOW!!!! What a change!! I guess this will keep us busy for awhile!!!
Not sure I like it, yet. This old dog kinda liked things the way they were.

And the total posts noted for my ID are not correct, either. I'm pretty sure I have FAR more than just 7 posts.

I think the move to the new format either lost some posts or lost count.
These new boards seem pretty good, but one thing I can't seem to find anymore.... where did the link and/or the actual "code" board go?
TO answer the question about total post counts:
The post counts that are listed are from 2 weeks ago. They had to do that to move everyone over. Was I ever surprised to see that I had lost 100 posts! I had no idea I had posted that much in 2 weeks.
Anyway, if you would like to get your post count back to what it was, you can put in a request at the Tech Board.


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