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Aug 22, 2000
Just back from the New Years eve Wonder. Had a fantastic time but just realized we are missing one of our bags. It is the one Castaway Club members get on their second cruise. All it had in it was my ESPN mug, a souvenir glass and 6 top hats and a dozen tiaras from the New Years Eve party. Also 4 champagne flutes. I know they are only cardboard or plastic but they were such great souvenirs of that wonderful party that we collected extras to give to some of the little girls my DW babysits. We've called the hotels we stayed at after the cruise and they haven't found it and DCL is going to get back to us. We probablyl left it in a parking lot somewhere. Any suggestions on how to replace the souvenirs? DW thinks we'll have to take next years cruise to replace them but I'm looking for a less expensive way. LOL


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May 23, 2001
Hello Tony
I will be making a delivery to the Wonder on Thursday - I will ask housekeeping if they have any left over from New Years and if so could I have them - IF and only they can find them and let me have them, I will take them back to the shop for safe keeping - you can have them - call me sometime Friday at the shop and will let you know how I made out - no promises but will give it my best shot.
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