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Apr 28, 2001
We are thinking about staying at the Sheraton Studio City Hotel. Has anyone stayed here before? It looks very nice, has what we are looking for as far as amenities go and is in our price range. We would like a clean, safe hotel room with transportation to US, IOA and SeaWorld for under $100.00 a night for the first 6 nights of our WDW vacation. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.

The Embassy Suites/Jamaican Court did have a Sea World package that came out to $99 plus the Sea World tickets. That would give you a 1 BR suite plus an incredible free breakfast buffet (you can also order whatever you want cooked to order). I think they offer the transportation to all of those but call to be sure! :D
The Sheraton SC is a sound choice, with the only knock on it being the pool area is a bit ordinary and it is on a busy stretch of I-Drive (but most of it is, nowadays). You do get a fabulous view over Universal from higher up in the tower, though! And all the rooms have recently been completely renovated.
I live in Tampa, but make several weekend getaway trips to Orlando every year. We ALWAYS stay at the Sheraton SC and it is great!! The staff is friendly, rooms are clean (and quite large), and the hotel offers a free shuttle to Universal (if you don't have a car, this could help). The hotel is themed to the Golden Age of movies, which compliments a Universal Studios stay quite well. The hotel has a restaraunt and game room in the lobby, as well as an outdoor pool. When you check in, ask for a room on the top floor facing Universal; the view at night is amazing. For under $100/night, I don't think you can find a better hotel in the area. As Simon stated in his post, the area can be congested traffic wise, but there really isn't any place in Orlando that isn't. If you will be going to Universal, the traffic isn't bad and the drive takes less than 5 minutes (from parking lot to parking lot!!). Last year for Halloween Horror Nights, we left the SSC at 6:02p and were parked and walking at Universal at 6:06p....not bad!! (and no I don't drive an airplane or anything like that :) ). Before you go, check www.preferredguest.com for discounted rates! This is Sheraton (Starwood's) frequent stay club, and you can earn points good for airline mile, free stays, room upgrades, and much more. Good luck and let us know how you liked it when you return.


Thank you all very much for the information. It helps to ease my mind. I'm a little leary to stay off of WDW property because of a bad experience with a dirty hotel on I Drive. Your help is greatly appreciated! I feel pretty confident now! Thanks again.

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Glad to hear more comments on this hotel. I bid on Priceline and Sheraton Studio City accepted my $50 bid. I'm really excited about staying for a week under $400 including tax.

If anyone has photos of their stay at this hotel, I'd love to see them! Thanks :-)
Have you tried the Entertainment rate for Hard Rock Hotel. It's around $117 if available, you get front of the line priviledges, and deep in your heart you know this would be worth a few more$$ to say onsite. Has a faabulous heated pool. There is nothing like FOTL, it will make you wish Disney had the same thing...

I do agree with radar that the Entertainment rate at HRH is a good deal, but unless your going to Universal over Spring Break, end of June-mid August, or the week between Christmas and New Years, FOTL isn't THAT big of a deal. I've been an annual pass holder at Universal for two years and have never waited in a line over 30 minutes! You just have to plan your day right. Remember too that any multi day tickets can get Express Passes also. FOTL is great if you are short on time or going during the peak season, otherwise it's not necessarily worth it to bipass 5 minutes of waiting and miss out on some of the excellent line theming.

Disagree with Jim, we were there late May last year, no way there are 5 minute lines, more like i hour for big rides like MIB.Never underestimate not waiting in line in the 90+ degree Florida sun, it does get hot here, you would be surprised how much fun any park is with no lines. My wife got a guest assistance pass last year, she''s disabled so we walked onto virtually all rides both at Universal and WDW. She's got bad knees that are worse, so I thought the FOTL would allow her to rest more and not have to take kids thru on her pass.But I know one day last year we rode MIB like 6 times in 15 miutes while the regular line was 1 hour. You can do this park in one day easy and have time for the HR pool
if you don't spend it in line.It's funny how your touring patterns change when you don't have lines, you tend to go to the e-ticket kinds of rides, whereas otherwise, you look for one of the lamer ones with a short line.You will not be sorry for spending the $$$ on HRH..


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