Little Rock Club


Aug 28, 2000
For those that wanted more info here it is. Talked directly to the hotel. Supervised activites consiting of arts&crafs,Sega&various activities. Opened daily 10:00am-11:30, weekend till midnight. Ages 4-14. Hourly rates $7.00 first child $5.00 for each child after. Thats $17.00 hr for us with 3 kids. A little pricier then I would have liked. A 3 hr dinner is going to cost us $51.00 plus dinner (ugh). Emerils is worth it Right?undefined
I agree sounds steep yet, it seems worth it for a dinner without a ketchup bottle on the table!!LOL

JessicaR, said her kids loved it at the PBH club last Dec. I hope it will be as enjoyable at HRH.



Emeril's is worth it. $51 for three people? That's a bargain at Emeril's! :)


Barry Hom
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Yes $51 for babysitting is worth it! For a nice dinner ,no kids, ahhhh quiet :D
We paid $110 for babysitting for 2 kids at Portofino! It was 6 hours though not 3 and we tipped her $20. Looks like Portofino's camp is more expensive than Hard Rocks. Enjoy your nice relaxing quiet delicious meal at Emeril's. :D

Thanks Jessica I figured it would be worth it. Just wanted someone elses opinion. Do you have an idea what dinner with drinks would cost us. Just trying to get my budget worked out.
It all depends on what you order. Drinks are expensive. Here are the entrees. If you want go to this address and see the whole menu, prices too.

Grilled Double Cut Pork Chop With caramelized sweet potatoes, tamarind glaze and a green chile mole sauce $22.00

Grilled Half Chicken Marinated with Creole spices and served with a corn andouille sausage pudding, southern cooked greens, a reduction of chicken stock and garnished with hot sauce spiced wings $21.00

Grilled Ribeye Steak With our house special roasted garlic creamed potatoes, fried onion crust and Emeril’s own Worcestershire sauce $22.00

A Study Of Duck Consisting of seared and sliced duck breast, seared Hudson valley foie gras and a leg of duck confit, served with wild mushroom bread pudding, duck reduction an a drizzle of port wine extraction $26.00

Grilled Fish Of The Day The freshest served with an open faced vegetable ravioli $18.00

Grilled Veal Chop With cheesy grits, homemade capocollo ham, crisp parsnip salad and a wild & exotic mushroom ragout $27.00

Roasted American Rack Of Lamb With a Creole mustard crust, a quenelle of rosemary creamed potatoes, burning rosemary and a rosemary lamb jus $32.00

Andouille Crusted Texas Redfish With a roasted pecan vegetable relish, Creole meuniere sauce and a pile of shoestring potatoes $22.00

Pan Seared Felit Of Beef With a parsley crust, served with a sweet potato hash, sautéed haricot vert and a black pepper red wine sauce $25.00

Portobello Mushroom Confit Pressed with fresh herbs, sliced and served with fresh angel hair pasta, balsamic fried herb nage and a tomato saffron coulis $19.00

Farm Raised Quail Stuffed with a Louisiana Oyster Dressing and served with a ragout of assorted vegetables, garnished with cornmeal fried oysters, a fire roasted sweet pepper reduction sauce and a Creole mustard hollandaise $23.00

Baked Maine Lobster Fresh from our tanks, two, three or four pound offering Market Price
Sauté’ Of Gulf Shrimp With tiny roasted pearl onions, tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil over hand-cut pappardelle noodles and a black truffle red pepper butter sauce $20.00

Prices arn't as bad as I thought especially with the food being so good. Got hungry just looking at the menu. My mouth is watering!


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