Earning My Ears
Oct 23, 2001
Not that anyone wants to do laundry when on vacation but with 2 little ones it will be inevitable. We are staying at POR this Thursday. YAY!!

We are then off to the Wonder for the 4 day if we have to get something cleaned on board how do you get it done??

Any ideas on where we might do a quick load if we had to???

I don't want to have to do laundry but I also don't want to have to take lots of luggage either;)

Thanks for the info

laundy facilities are available on board. i know there is one on floor seven. thats the only one I have ever used... its got washers dryers irons and everything ya need! :)

im 18... and go thru a lot of clothes on the cruise. The washing machines are like a saving grace. I can switch outfits as much as I want :)
Deck 6 also has facilities....mind you, they are small/limited. I know that tide and wisk make tablets that are easy to carry along. And packing dryer sheets in suitcases for the drawers always makes them smell nice.:)
Where are the laundry rooms located on deck 7 ... deck 6? When is the best time to try and do laundry - early in the morning, mid afternoon, late at night?
I was just on The magic in Jan and they have laundry rooms I think On 3 floors I used the one on 6 it had about 5 or 6 washers on bottom dryer on top .It was $1.00 Ea to wash or dry and a machine in the room to change bills to coins .Also a machine to buy soap, softner and Bleach I think did not use it but it cost 75 cents or a $1.00 sorry not sure about that . Both machines have timers so you do not have to stay right there by the machine .I left and came back and no one bothered my stuff but I did see one load of dry clothes set out on a table but maybe the person left it for hours ?. I used the machines about 9 pm and there was abot 3 free machines . Not sure if one time is better then another ,Just check when you have time ,But maybe the first eve on board after you get your luggage alot of others won't use it or need to wash on the first day . Good luck .
Let's not forget the laundry room on deck 2 :) And just a little tip, take your own laundry soap. It'll save you money, and you can now buy those TABLETS, so all you have to do is throw a few laundry tablets in a baggie and you're set.
I bring the Whisk tablets. They already come packaged two to a bag (one load). They are so convenient. No powder or liquid spills.

That if you are taking dryer sheets with you such as bounce or downy can use them as insect repellant?? When we go camping in the mountains here in Utah in the Summer we take a box of dryer sheets with us instead of the insect repellant. We rub them all over our bodies and clothes (so you smell nicer and dont have that yucky OFF smell) and then we tie the little sheet around a belt loop on our shorts or pants to help keep them away. So far we havent been bit once!! I took them to girls camp with me and girls were begging me for some because they were still getting bit by the mosquitos with their OFF spray but the downy sheets kept them away!!
I have read where WDW AK has bad bugs...this might be able to help out with that! I know it works here!! Have done it first hand!
Anyway thought I would add in a few cents here! Usually I am the one asking the questions! LOL
Tips for laundry
1. Don't use the tablets until you have used them at home. DH broke out ALL OVER (yep, all over!) and it was not a pretty site. Take something you know nobody is sensitive to.

2. Since you run around on the days @ sea in your suit - don't bring ALL your underwear on the cruise. On my 7 day I'll only bring 7 pair next time (and that's too many I think).

3. Use 7th deck washers/dryers - they're nicer and roomier. 6 was cramped the way it was set up.

4. Try and do your laundry at odd times, while at the island. At St. Thomas, St. Maarten & Castaway Cay you could get a washer & dryer pretty easily.

5. Bring the mesh bag - wish I did.

Kim ºOº
Since I needed to pack formal dresses and DH's tux on our 1/26 Magic cruise, I decided to cut way back on the "play" clothes I packed for our family of four and planned on doing laundry at least once. As we stayed on deck 7, I used those facilities in the late morning and just sunbathed back on deck 7 aft while the machines did the work. This allowed me to run back and forth to switch loads, etc. and still enjoy the weather. I thought the machines were great and the facilities were very clean. I haven't tried the detergent tablets yet. Since we travel a lot, I always save those liquid laundry detergent sample packets you sometimes get in the mail and pop them in the suitcase with a baggie of dryer sheets.

Another tip - bring your own quarters. I have been caught both on a cruise and at the Poly without quarters and with empty change machines in the laundry areas. That can require you to run-around on a change search.
Originally posted by bogino

What about ironing boards? Can I iron my own shirts anywhere?

Irons and ironing boards are available in the laundry rooms for no charge. You are not allowed to iron in the staterooms due to the fire hazard in a moving vehicle.


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