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Earning My Ears
Dec 10, 2001
We are sailing on the Magic in April. It will be myself, dh, ds(10) and dd(9). We got a late seating, wait listed for early. My question is should we keep it late? Should we request a table for 4? What will we miss if we do the late seating? Is it fun to sit with others and should we request a certain rotation? What night should we book Palo's? Thanks.
It really kindof depends. For some people, 8:30 is a little late for dinner. In our house, we're not usually ready to have dinner until at least 7pm, sometimes later, so I don't expect 8:30 to be a big problem for us. Plus there are lots of options for pre-dinner snacks if needed.

You won't miss any more or less with the late seating vs. the early seating as I recall. Yes, there some activities that take place during the late seating, but likewise there are activities that take place during the early seating as well.

I think meeting another family is part of the fun. Our kids and their kids were roughly the same age range, and they seemed to hit it off pretty well.

From what I've read, the rotation you'll get frequently seems to depend on the age of your kids. I don't see one rotation being any better than another.
Our first two trips we had early seating, as we are early eaters at home and also early to bed! The second trip we felt really rushed in the afternoon. Felt like we couldn't get the most out of our daylight hours. And I also felt that we would eat early, and then I was tired and ready for bed early anyway (couldn't stay awake until the clubs opened at night!)

In April we will have late seating for the first time. I am looking forward to having more of the afternoon to relax. If we want to go to our early show we can - and then get ready for dinner. We will probably get an afternoon snack or order the cheese and cracker tray from room service to snack on while we are getting ready for the show. By the time we get done in the dining room, it will be time for the nightclubs to start -- and I will hopefully still be awake!
Thank you for all your advice. I think that the seating is the only option beside your cabin choice so we all give it alot of thought What is a good night to book Palo's?
We chose our night for Palos based on our rotation - we picked a night that was going to be a repeat for a restaurant on the rotation.

However, depending on when you get to Palos to make the reservation, you may not have that option. Our table companions had to go on the waiting list at Palos, so they took whatever night they could get and were quite happy with that (because they did get to dine at Palos - it pays to check your phone in the room from time to time to see if the voice mail lamp is blinking).


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