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Mar 12, 2000
Has anyone used the salon at the Vista Spa to have your hair cut and styled while on the cruise? If so, were you pleased with the results? And would you recommend a specific stylist (on the Wonder)?

Thanks for any input!

I used several services from the spa and getting my haircut is the only thing I will repeat! EXCELLENT!
Lucky2, what didn't you like about the other services? I'm planning to get a pedicure and manicure while on board. What else did you do for spa services? Thanks for any advice.....I don't want to waste my $$$
Did not have my hair done but went for a manicure. I did not like the job they did at all. I hope it has improved since '99 when I went.


I haven't had personal experience but one of our tablemates last year had her hair cut and styled on board and she looked fabulous! It was a talking point at the table that night about how brave she was entrusting her hairstyle to someone she didn't know but the results were really great! I think I'll try it out in August!
I had a manicure, pedicure, facial and massage on my last trip on the Wonder. The manicure wasn't that great (I do a better job on my own nails!) but everything else was absolutely TOP NOTCH.

I saw a few women getting their hair styled, but I didn't actually see any cut/color being done.
mmouse what didn't you like about the manicure?? I do my own now (with acrylic overlays) and would hate to have someone screw up what I've already done! Maybe I'll spend my spa allowance on a cut and style instead!!!

My husband and sister are still laughing about my spa experience even after one year! I love taking baths so my husband said I should do the bath in the spa – not sure what it’s called.

Well, I’m telling you, I felt like I was going to DIE!!!! The water was so hot. I tried to get up out of the tub and water would shoot up and sideways hitting the ceiling and walls. I survived by doing some cleaver things (this is the funny part but I won't go into that!) in there but I really felt like I was a prisoner and being punished!

At any rate, when the water stopped, I quickly got dressed and busted out of that room so fast – there was an attendant sitting outside waiting for me to get out so she could try to sell me something - I nearly plowed over her I was going so fast. She quickly asked me how it was and I told (screamed) her it was my WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!! Well, of course I didn’t get charged. I DOVE INTO THE ADULT POOL then went to my room and took a cool shower.

My husband tried the bath and he loved it – in fact, he went in there three times!

I tried the rainforest and that wasn’t for me either.

I’ll stick to getting my hair done.
I'm another one that says save your money if you're thinking of having a manicure onboard. We cruised on the Magic last month and I've never had such a horrid manicure. She was rough, did not soften my cuticles or push them back, she just snipped the heck out of them (which hurt) and did a crummy job at that. Filed length was very uneven. Get your manicure BEFORE your cruise ladies :-)
I had a hair consult the first day and my cut and style on monday (we were on a 7 day in early Dec 01).
It was great. I went quite a bit shorter and I love it. It works wonderfully with my style and how much time I want to put into my hair and I still am getting compliments on it. I would do the consult if you don't mind missing a bit of the departure. It was nice to get a fresh opinion on my hair. And again I love the results.

I also had a manicure and pedicure on board. Both on sunday before the first formal night. It was a great experience. Different from the spa/salon I go to at home. But she did a wonderful job and it lasted quite a while longer than manicures usually do for me.

The girl/hairstylist who cut my hair was very knowledgable and had quite a bit of experience as well as experience on ships. However the other hairstylist onboard was very new. My stylist was suprised that she had been assigned to this ship with her experience level. She was going to have to find some time that week to train her, cause she said she wasn't comfortable letting her do much more than mens cuts and basic womens. I was a bit suprised by the comments but we were having such a good time chatting and I was so excited/nervous about all the hair falling on the floor I didn't care.
It was a reminder than the spa isn't run by Disney. But I was glad I spent the time to do the consult and make the appointment with who I did.
Just have to say I really like what she did with my hair.
I had my hair cut on my 7-night in December. I had seen a warning on the boards about not doing anything drastic, but I figured I wanted a change - had about 6" cut off... LOVE the cut... Rosie was the stylist.

The Pedicure I'm not so wild about - I think it was something like $40 - for what I get back home for $12....

The rest of the spa - I loved. Loved the Rainforest room, loved the Alpha Capsule, loved the Hydrotherapy bath. If this is the bath the other poster complained about, I am really surprised. The one I got into was almost cold, and when I asked why, I was told that they don't want the water too warm because it brings the blood to the surface too fast... and for whatever reason that's not good.
Rosie cut my hair also!
She was great.

I know I said it before but just can't help myself. ;)
Before we went on our cruise I had my nails done, acrylic overlays. They looked wonderful! Well, I chipped the polish on a couple so I thought I would just pop up to the spa and have a polish change. I was very un-impressed with the job she did, only did one top coat...just not a great job and it was pretty pricey too...$14.00 just for a polish change! I can have it done at the place I go at home for $5.00 and they do a most excellent job.

We surprised our DD(13) with the teen special in the spa. A facial and a pedicure. She really enjoyed that.

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