KinderCare on site program??


Jan 17, 2002
Hi, I read somewhere that Kindercare provides daycare for CMs and that sometimes they allow guests to put there toddlers in the daycare center too? If anyone has any info on this it would be greatly appreciated. Our daughter is only 21 months old and too young for the Camp programs. I'd like to go to DisneyQuest with my husband during one afternoon and my daughter would probably like to play with other kids then be stuck during the day in our room with a sitter.

Thanks, Sue
While I had not heard about the Kindercare center, I did just call about daycare to verify what was available.

For $12 per hour for one child, a Kindercare person will come to your room. 4-hr minimum, with 1/2 hour being travel time. The sitter will come to your room with activities, and with your permission, will take the child to other resort activities, except for swimming.

I know that doesn't exactly answer your question, but since the sitter will take your daughter out of th room (again, only with your permission), it might work for you.


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