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Feb 2, 2004
I was wondering has there ever been a kids only exchange? If so, what sort of things were exchanged? Would anyone be interested in a coloring book exchange for your kids?
I am willing to exchange my DDs for other children. I would prefer some who do not outgrow their clothes, eat very little and never have a temper tantrum. Please send me a PM for exchange. ;) ;) :teeth:

David you silly :teeth: . My daughter is 17 months old, but is still able to fit some clothes that are 12 months old...the only thing is she is already acting like a two year old :rolleyes: .

Just trying to see if anyone would be interested in an exchange, and if things seem good, then may go ahead with something. I know that the kids are able to participate in the letter exchanges, so that may be fine right there.
I'd join- my DD's 6 & 7 are addicted to coloring books! Everytime we go into Boarders they get a real book, and a coloring/sticker book...I'm sure they'd love it!....

Let me know if you start one

We did one about 6 or 8 months ago...............I can't remeber who ran was either a boy or girl toy....if memory serves me I think it was either a Barbie outfit or a toy car. My DS participated & had a blast with it.
DS (2 1/2) would be interested!! He LOVES getting mail. I have only signed him up for one of the alphabet ones though. He did LOVE getting the valentines.

I would definitely like getting a coloring book or whatever child thing is decided on.

Let us know if you decided to organize one.

I will put up a post now for a kids coloring book exchange which will run for a few days.
There was a kids Christmas exchange back in 2002, but to best of my knowledge none since then.
There was a kids exchange a good while back, it was for a barbie/hotwheels depending on your child. The person that started the exchange never followed through with it and went AWOL on us. Thanks to many wonderful "elves", we finally did get the exchange closed out. There were many children that sent out a package and waited a very long time to receive one.

I am sorry, I really didn't want to give any negative feedback on a kids exchange and I have participated in many adult ones and never had any problems. I am happy to report that eventually every child that participated did receive a package in the mail.

I am sure that this one would go smoother if the one that starts it will keep up with all of the information and everyone reports when they mail out and receive. Communication is very important in exchanges. I hope all goes well with this one. I think the kids would really enjoy the coloring books and those are inexpensive and easy to mail. Good luck!
My son was one of the ones who didn't get their package until much later than he was supposed to. A very sweet 'elf' sent him a package:D
Originally posted by Lars624
My son was one of the ones who didn't get their package until much later than he was supposed to. A very sweet 'elf' sent him a package:D

Sorry to hear that. We are going to do our best on this one to see it go through and so that all the kids have a fun time.
I will be looking for that post, I have 2 kids who would love this!!
I am sure that this one will go much better than the last one. I am very thankful to all of the ones that helped us get that last one wrapped up. Have fun!


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