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    Sep 10, 2012
    Here we go!
    This will be part 1 of most likely 2 parts.
    We are still on the trip so when I get home I will post the last part!
    This is a not to descriptive, get it down quick before I forget, account each night of what we did and such that day. Once home I will expand and elaborate but I wanted to share what we have been doing!
    Any questions or comments, let me know!!

    Me, Mama - 5th trip
    Dada - 2nd trip
    Bek, DD5 - first trip celebrating 6th bday and successful open heart surgery this summer.

    2 Jan -
    Awake at 2:40, Erica picked up at 3:15. First to check in and first through security (rolls of coins for laundry and pressed pennies slowed us down, though! OOPS!)
    Landed in Orlando at 11:00 (a bit early), Bek slept on the flight from DC-MCO.
    LOTS of people at Magic Express, but only waited about 30 min.
    To hotel, room READY! Toy Story, Buzz side RIGHT across from the buses, so we never have to go through cinema hall we just walk out our door, down the bucket of soldiers and like 50 yards to the bus!.
    To Epcot at 3:00. Rode Spaceship Earth (LOVE!), Rode Land (great!), Rode Imagination (ok, first one better!) Walked around World showcase, watched O Canada, very good. Made way to Norway for supper with princesses. Supper was wonderful! I got the meatballs (very YUM) John got the pork (he enjoyed) and Bek also got the meatballs (potatoes were the hit for her...) Snow White SO adorable!! Ariel was lack luster. Then pretty much back to resort!

    3 Jan-
    Up at 5:30, bus to MK. Foggy and misty! Saw opening show and I tried not to cry since we were surrounded by a TON of people, so I just could not look at Bek! =) . Headed in, on carousel first, then Peter Pan (5 min wait when got on, 30 min wait by the time we got off!), Its a Small World, then to BBB to try to get in early (and we DID!). WONDERFUL Fairy Godmother in Training!! Then to Haunted Mansion. Then off to Chef Mickey, but since we were running a bit early we did a ride around the resorts on the Monorail (and Bek fell asleep). Mickey's was GREAT! Then back to the resort to chill for a bit. Back to MK lines were crazy long! Tea Cups, Carousel of Progress, Bear Jamboree, Pirates of the Caribbean, fast pass for Dumbo. Supper at Cosmic Rays (great food and a great view of castle). Rode people mover then found spot for Electrical parade then left before fireworks. Was raining/misting for the parade so it was kinda yucky and cold, but the parade was beautiful!

    4 Jan -
    Slept in. To MK for monorail to 1900 Park Fare. Breakfast experience was lack luster, the food was OK, atmosphere was trying too hard to be posh, it was crowded and very loud. Saw Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter. Headed back to room to change bags and drop off picture and place mat (bday gift). Off to HS. Fastpass for ToT, rode great movie ride, did Star Tours (great!) and Muppet 3D, then Back lot tour. Over to Tot ...thought I was going to die. LOVED it, wanted to do it again, but wait was 70 min. Over to Osborn lights, was BEAUTIFUL! Back to resort for supper and relaxing!

    5- Jan
    Up earlyish for Epcot opening. Bagel in room (worked wonderfully!). Went to Sorin' first, grabbed fast passes then rode it. Went over to Fast Track, standby line was 45 min already, grabbed passes for return of 2pm! Wandered around a bit and then went back to Sorin' to ride time 2. Went over and rode Nemo (seats not really big enough for 2 Pooh size plus 5 year old). Got Mickey ears ice cream! Rode Spaceship Earth and Bek REALLY needed a break so we went back to the Resort for lunch and a small break. Back and rode Test Track (awesome!! The build a car things was not worth the wait, though). Then headed over to World Showcase. Mexico was good, waited 45 min for Maelstrom (totally not worth the wait!), watched Reflections of China (WANT to go now!!), by this time it was close to supper ADRs. Quickly went into Japan to find the pearl place then over to Morocco for supper at Marrakesh (very nice setting, if it was not at Disney it would be too fancy for kids, but we felt comfortable and the food was plentiful and tasty!). Wandered in Morocco for a bit then over to Japan. Got our pearls (mine 6 ¾ pinkish, Beks' 7 and white, and the experience was wonderful!) We could of dropped a TON of money in Japan, LOVED all the Studio Ghibli merchandise! Wandered for a bit more and then found our place in Italy on the water to watch Illuminations. That was wonderful (I remember more fireworks last time, though...). Then we prepared to be mushed and herded and have a downright bad experience leaving the park, but it was really good! Not crowded, nice and slow and when we got to our bus, we waited maybe 5 min and a Disney Cruise Line charter came and took us home!

    The end for now! Have 4 more days here to go!
    Thank you!
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    Jul 15, 2012
    Wow it looks like your getting a lot done. How is the weather like. We were there the beginning of december going to be back in two weeks. I almost cried with my son when we were at mickeys very merry christmas party!
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    Aug 27, 2004
    You think by now the parks would be empty. Sounds like you are getting a lot of stuff done. Great that the bus is close. I have gogt to see pictures of those bucket of soldiersteps. Congrats on DD coming through heart surgery.
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    Jan 28, 2007
    Glad to hear your review of 1900 Park Fare...I keep thinking of that but haven't scheduled. We actually like Kona for breakfast and Cape May.

    Glad Epcot exit was smooth... And only 5 minutes for the bus - woo hoo!
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    That's how I felt about the store in Japan, and not just the Ghibli stuff -- we hit there our last day, after I'd spent my budget, so I didn't actually spend much, which is just as well because I couldn't make up my mind anyhow!

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