just found out we're having a boy....

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by surfergirl602, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. surfergirl602

    surfergirl602 <font color=deeppink>Well you're one step ahead of

    Jan 8, 2008
    and I'm scared to death. :lmao: We have three girls.

    We also got some disturbing news... The baby's heart rate dropped very low several times during the ultrasound, and my placenta is very low, almost to my cervix. If it continues to grow down, I have a chance of hemorrhaging and not being able to deliver other than c-sec. I'm really nervous.

    We are military and of course our OB here is minimal, so I'm being referred to the specialty office at the large hospital in town. I'm high risk to begin with with multiple miscarriages etc, so this just makes me feel ... I don't know... very nervous.

    My last was born a month early, so we're hoping the little guy sticks in there and everything turns out okay.
  2. MNdisneymom

    MNdisneymom Mouseketeer

    Aug 27, 2006
    First of all, congratulations--boys rock!! (No silly princesses for them, no sir!:lmao::rotfl:--it's all Buzz, Stitch, and Lightning Mcqueen.....)

    I had something very similar happen when I was pregnant with my son--low placenta, low fetal movement and heartbeat which made for lots of extra ultrasounds and doctors appointments...so I know how scary it is. :hug::hug:. I hope that the next few months go very quickly for you and your little one.
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  4. mjkacmom

    mjkacmom DIS Veteran

    Feb 20, 2006
    I had a c/s with my 4th pregnancy, and I was not happy! I think what you will find is that boys can be harder the first few years (they tend to be "active," but don't have the emotions of girls. DH says that girls are emotionally train wrecks, and boys are physical train wrecks. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I prayed for 2 boys (got 1).
  5. Mrs. Charming

    Mrs. Charming I'm not your entertainment, get a life.

    Jul 8, 2009
    I know how you feel... I don't know what I'll do if we have a boy! I don't know a THING about them!

    I had a marginal placenta previa with DD (placenta was touching the cervix). I was on bedrest since about 20 weeks, and had a few ER-worthy bleeds when DD kicked. She was an emergency c-section on the last big one when I started labor, thankfully I was already in the hospital. Sure it sucked, but take it easy, scurry on in to the ER in case the baby comes sooner than later. You'll get through it. C-sections aren't as horrible as youd think, either. Really, it's ok. I promise. :hug:
  6. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    Jun 8, 2007
    Congrats!! And good luck! Keep us updated on how you're feeling, names and all the fun stuff that comes with a new baby. :)
  7. CastleCreations

    CastleCreations <font color=darkorchid>Would take a cruise just to

    Jul 9, 2006
    First of all... CONGRATS!
    Now as a nurse, don't stress about it. Modern technology is wonderful, but it does open up a lot of worry. Babies heart rates, as you know, fluctuate all the time, from what we think is normal, to what is considered abnormal levels. As for the placenta, you still have time...it can still move. As your uterus grows, the placenta does migrate. Try not to worry... Keep us posted.
  8. sonogal

    sonogal Mouseketeer

    Nov 4, 2009
    Just as the pp wrote, placentas can migrate, but they always migrate up away from the cervix, not down. I am an ultrasonographer (17 yrs) and have seen these situations more often than not. I also had 3 daughters first and then a boy. I think our son is the highest maintenance child yet- sorry. He is rough and tumble in some respects but also likes jewelry, picking out his own clothes (very picky), and doesn't like bugs. He's not feminine by any means, just extremely particular.

    But try not to worry. Only worry when the drs say you should. Good luck
  9. shaylahc1

    shaylahc1 Mouseketeer

    May 26, 2006
    Congratulations!!!! I had a boy after 3 girls. He is spoiled rotten!!:lmao:
  10. surfergirl602

    surfergirl602 <font color=deeppink>Well you're one step ahead of

    Jan 8, 2008
    Thank you to everyone for the encouragement! I've been praying all day that everything will be fine, and started adding boy things to our baby registry. That's helped. :)
  11. miprender

    miprender <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE><img src=http://www.em

    Jun 29, 2008
    Congrats on the new baby... boys are definetly different than girls. I have one DD6 and two DS4 and DS2 and they are different. :lmao:

    But he will be spoiled by his three sisters...:rotfl: they will probably want to dress him up.

    :wizard:Sending some pixie dust and prayers that everything will be fine!!

    MSSANDRA DIS Veteran

    Sep 14, 2006
    I LOVE my boys. Most all boys in our family. When DGS was born I really wanted a girl but am so glad God knew better.
    Boys are funny, full of energy, have cool toys that mom might not have had as a child.....just the best experence.

    Prayers for a healthy baby boy !!!
  13. MindyLuvsMickey

    MindyLuvsMickey DIS Veteran

    Oct 6, 2006
    Congratulations on your little boy!! I have two boys and love them to pieces! My youngest is nearly 10 weeks old already. I don't have girls to compare them to, but my oldest boy is soooo easy. Praying that #2 is just as easy.

    My last pregnancy was a high risk nightmare and just one small issue on my long list was a low-lying placenta. I think it was within 2cm of my cervix at one point. Thankfully, as they do most times, it grew up and away, causing no issues. My OB told me that it is typcial for it to move out of the way as your pregnancy progresses. It didn't make a difference to me since I had to have a repeat scheduled c-section anyway.

    Best of luck to you and start your Matchbox Car collection early! ;)
  14. Mommy2JulietJocelyn

    Mommy2JulietJocelyn DIS Veteran

    May 21, 2006
    2 of my pregnancies were previas - the first pregnancy was a complete previa - the center of the placenta was over my cervix and the second was a partial so part ofmy cervix was covered with my placenta ---both times the placenta migrated up the wall and I was able to have ******l deliveries. I had lots of extra U/S but everything was fine. I was on "pelvic rest" so nothing is allowed in the lovin' family. I never had any bleeding- I was lucky and I am thankful everyday for that. I had contractions from25 wks on with the first and was on bedrest too. Both beautiful healthy girls - I expected a previa with the 3rd DD too but that placenta was normal - high.
  15. Rylee

    Rylee DIS Veteran

    Nov 5, 2005
    OH BOY! :goodvibes Congratulations. :yay:

    Try not to worry about your pregnancy and take care of yourself. I know, easier said than done, I had a high risk pregnancy with our 5Th, a second son. (We learned through ultrasound, he would be born with a rare birth defect, and made arrangements to deliver him out of state, so he would be near expert doctors for his first of several surgeries.)

    Now about boys... check my signature... we had 3 girls first, too! :dance3: I always dreamed of having a daughter, and so, was very excited when my first was a girl! I was equally excited when the 2Nd and 3Rd were girls as well... no disappointment here.

    Then the 4Th... a boy. Informed that he was healthy, of course I was thankful, but still, I wondered... what on earth would I do with a boy? DH was thrilled, but I couldn't help but wonder how his arrival might change the family dynamics... I mean, we had a houseful of PINK, Barbies, dresses and SHOES. The girls and I shared an interest in ballet, figure skating and shopping, etc.

    Fast Forward... Since the arrival of our first blue bundle... I've decided everyone should have at least one son. :rotfl: OMG, the boys are so much fun!

    We didn't treat them, raise them any differently. We were gentle, soft spoken, held them to the same expectations as our daughters... NO BOYS WILL BE BOYS attitude around here. Yet, there are differences but probably no more than the differences in same sex children. And of the things we value most, I'm proud of all 5 of my children, as they are all kind, thoughtful, bright, loving and giving.
  16. samshane

    samshane DIS Veteran

    Oct 23, 2005
    COngratulations! I hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly... we are military as well so I know how the OB care can be...

    I had a boy after 2 girls and he was the first boy on either side of the family is a LONG time. Seems everyone had baby girls - I was so worried as to what to do with him - LOL! My son is funny - and he is such a little rough and tough boy, but won't hesitate to play Barbies with his sisters either - LOL!

    Best of luck to you!
  17. Bugsmom73

    Bugsmom73 DIS Veteran

    Sep 12, 2004
    Congrats on the boy and relax. Many times a placenta will migrate up. My brother is the 3rd of 4 kids and the only boy. He is as macho as they come but he also had quite a few Cabbage Patch kids, wanted his nails painted as a youngster and wasn't afraid to dress up in dresses when we did dress up. He has a very healthy appreciation for women and my SIL is blessed when she married him.
  18. thebeesknees

    thebeesknees DIS Veteran

    May 29, 2009
    Congratulations! I have 2 boys (and a DD) and love having the cars, lightsabers, etc. around the house! So much energy and so much fun.

    I also had placenta previa (partially covering the cervix and causing bleeding) with my last baby. It moved up by my 30 week appointment. We got lots of extra u/s though, so it was kind of fun to see the baby so often. My sister had it with her last pregnancy, too, and it moved out of the way, as well. The doctor told me that over 90% of the time, it will move out of the way enough to be able to avoid a C-section. So try not to worry!
  19. ktlm

    ktlm DIS Veteran

    Jun 20, 2008
    Congratulations!!! Boys always love their Mamas, even in their cranky teenage years! I don't have one, but I bet you will love having one. I'll say some prayers for a healthy happy boy! I am the biggest medical baby ever (known to faint at just the sight of needles) and I wound up having to have an emergency C-section around 2 hours or so after going into labor (the kind where doctors and nurses are running and you barely have time to panic because they are rushing you to the OR so fast that you are concerned about them running your gurney into a wall on the way there). The C-section itself really wasn't that bad. They are over very fast. You don't feel anything and they put drapes up so you don't see anything except that beautiful baby. I was up and walking the next morning. The recovery was a little slow for me, but definitely managable. It took me 6 weeks to feel completely back to normal, BUT, I know I also suffered some internal bruising and probably other injuries due to the situation that led to the C-section (my poor baby was black and blue over a large part of her body, but luckily healthy!), so don't let that freak you out. I think if it hadn't been for that, my recovery would have been much faster. I had a friend who had to have a C-section after several hours of labor and she was completely fine and cleaning out her barns with shovels and rakes within 1 1/2 weeks of the C-section. Good luck and good wishes!!!
  20. Iott Family

    Iott Family DIS Veteran

    Aug 26, 2004
    You know, there is joy to be found in both sexes. I have two of each! :banana: Life is never dull and always grand in our home!! My oldest DD is going to be 14 soon and let me tell you the moods :scared1: Oldest DS is 12 and still at 12 loves his mama :love: DS age 5 is the same and is young enough that he wants to snuggle at night when he gets sleepy but DD age 3 is all about her daddy. Im just the lady in the house who cooks and cleans and takes her to preschool :rotfl2:

    My oldest DS is my been there done that experience. If he could do it, he did it from stitches to crash landings on his tricycle to trying to fly like spiderman of his top bunk using the blinds as his anchor.......lots of crash landings, its amazing he isnt brain damaged from some of his stunts and age hasnt diminshed his rough and tumble ways so much so that by the time DS5 and DD3 were born nothing suprised me or grossed me out-too much!:rotfl: My youngest DD is one of the boys in a princess crown if taht makes any sense:cutie: She is just as adventuresome and rowdy but truly believes that she is aprincess and the MK castle is all hers!

    Have fun with being the mommy of a boy and with 3 girls ahead of him he will never lack for female attentions!!!!! Just think you will have little league to go to in a few years! And light sabers, matchbox cars and sports paraphenlia laying around amongst the dolls and ribbons. AND your son will be one of the few men who understands women, how could he not being raised in a house with 4 :cutie:
  21. WeHeartMickey24/7

    WeHeartMickey24/7 Earning My Ears

    May 25, 2009
    OP, I know how you feel. I had a boy after my daughter and am currently pregnant with another boy. I only wanted to have all girls, so my last 2 pregnancies were/have been hard for me.

    I wish you luck in the days to come!

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