Just Back...FINALLY made it to Chef Mickeys!

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    Just back from our holiday trip to WDW and Universal. We were there December 16-23 and had a great time. We did mostly all counter service this trip so here are a few reviews for those of you interested.

    Arrival Night Dinner - Was at Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club which I thought was just beautiful! We had to wait about 30 minutes for a table around 7:00. Not too bad I guess. I didn't realize how tiny the place really is. DH, DD and I all had Cheeseburgers with Fries and Onion Rings. DS had the Grilled Chicken Sandwhich with Fries. The burgers were YUMMY. Just as good as Pecos use to be. They were big, fat and juicy with lettuce and tomato. Fries were yummy and the batter on the rings was to die for. I only eat burgers about twice a year and this one did not dissapoint. DD and DS had a Chocolate Malt that they pretty much wasted. It was good and DH and I shared a No Way Jose that was pure bliss. Oh man, if your a fan of Reeces Peanut Butter Cups, you MUST have one of these.

    Epcot - Finally after 6 years of trying, we made it the the elusive Chef Mickey's and it lived up to my expectations. We had a 7:00am ressie for breakfast and was seated within 10 minutes. I loved everything about it. Yummy food, fun characters, happy feel good atmosphere. Just absolutely wonderful! The Breakfast Pizza and Mickey Waffles were especially yummy and really just an overall magically yummy experience. We saw Pluto who was adorable laying at our feet, goofy who walked off with my 19 yr old DD, Minnie who made me cry tears through my smiles, Donald Duck, and of course Mickey. We've been to several character meals and this one was my favorite so I would definitely return.

    We pretty much just grazed around Epcot starting with Margaritas in Mexico and moved on to School Bread in Norway which was yummy, Egg Rolls in China that were just ok, Pretzels in Germany that were pretty tasty and Kaki Gori's in Japan that were delicious! We wanted to eat at Tangerine Cafe in Morocco but none of us were hungry so we skipped it. Will have to try it next time. We like grazing at Epcot!

    Magic Kingdom - We ate what I would call a brunch at Caseys. 1/4 lb dogs all around with sides of Chili and Fries. Added the Cheese Sauce which thankfully they still have and everyone gave it a big thumbs up. Pretty decent dogs although still not as good as the dogs at Sam's Club. We especially LOVE that Cheese Sauce! Next we stopped at the Bakery and got the Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich. Oh, just YUM! A must do on every trip from now on. Huge and fresh and yummy and ok, I'll take one now please! Later we had a late lunch at Cosmic Rays. DH and DD both had Cheesburgers and DS and I had the 1/2 Chicken meal with Mash Potatoes and Vegis. DH and DD said the burgers were decent and our chicken meal was very good. We were trying to decide between Columbia Harbor House and Cosmic Rays and were ok with our choice.

    MGM - Is seriosuly lacking in decent counter service. We ended up at ABC Commissary and it was in a word tolerable. DH and DS had Cheeseburgers and Fries while DD had the Fish with Fries and I had the Stir Fry Noodles with Vegis. I wish we would have tried Backlot although I'm not sure it would have been any better. What's with the CS here? Think we'll just do a sitdown here from now on.

    Animal Kingdom - We had Pretzels with Cheese Sauce for a snack and while the pretzels are good, the packaged cheese sauce is lacking. It's MUCH better at Caseys and Pecos! For lunch DS ordered a Pizza from Pizzafarri that he inhaled and DD ordered a Chicken Cesar Salad that she really enjoyed. They followed us over to Flame Tree BBQ so that we could try it. The lines were long and moved at a snails pace but we finally got our meals and sat down by the water which was nice. DH had the Ribs meal that he loved and I had the Chicken meal. I thought the chicken was really, really good. The corn was a little overcooked and sorry, but I thought the BBQ sauce left a little to be desired. Overall, it was a pretty good meal but I prefer Tusker House.

    Downtown Disney - First stop was Goofy's for a treat. We all ordered a different custom treat. DH had the Apple dipped in carmel, milk chocolate, then rolled in nuts. DD had the Rice Crispy dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, DS chose the giant Oreo dipped in milk chocolate and I had the Pretzel Rods dipped in milk & white chocolate then drizzled with carmel and rolled in oreos, sprinkles and pecans. YUMMY! The kids wanted to do the bulk candy but you really need to help especially the younger ones cause those dispensers pour out and with all the variety, that $12 per lb adds up fast!

    For dinner we decided to try Wolfgang Puck Express. DH had some Beef Wrap thing that looked really, really good. It was served on some thick and soft type of pita bread and kind of looked like a giant Gyro. He said it was good but I didn't try it. DD had the Chicken Quesadilla which she said was pretty good and DS and I had the Mac&Cheese and OMG! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I don't do Mac&Cheese but let me tell you THAT Mac&Cheese is yummy good! We also tried a side of the Garlic Mash Potatoes which were very tasty and I think this was just an overall outstanding WDW CS resaurant. I would say my favorite CS place on property.

    This was our first trip that we did primarily counter service and overall I would say we were satisfied with our choices. The kids prefer counter service and I didn't want to waste tons of time at sitdowns this trip just because I didn't know what to expect with the week before Christmas. I think next time we will go back to a combination of both.

    I hope you've enjoyed reading. Any questions, I'd be glad to answer.
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    Thanks for the post. I too am going to Chef Mickey's for the first time in February. I've never made an effort to go. We want to try something different this round, and since my 7yo changed his mind about breakfast w/Lilo & Stich, I chose CM's instead. I think we'll try Casey's too thanks to your post. My DS is a hot dog fanatic! Thanks again =).
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    Sounds like you had a great time. We enjoy Chef Mickeys too, and Minnie made me cry too.:love:

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