Jdads2 Feb trip day 3


Squirrelly as all heck
Jan 2, 2001
Cast: jdads2 … me loving husband, planner and maybe somewhat over planner….the one, when we get WDW, is most likely to say: “what do you want to do” instead of following the itinerary

DWofjdads2 … my lovely and patient wife.

Day 3:

Out of the room by 9:00am and over to MK. I got more pins….damn you to Hades you pin collectors!! BAD Pin Collectors!!

Breakfast was an apple for me and a banana for Jackie from the cart across the street from Haunted Mansion. I still can’t find that ring embedded in the cement!! Next was the Hall of presidents, Jackie barely managed to stay awake for it….she is very patriotic, it’s just that she has this problem with dark places and furniture. I think it scares her so much that her system shuts down…some people call it sleeping but she says that she’s NOT sleeping. Since I am such a good husband I believe her.

Next we headed straight to Alien Encounter. That was fun, nothing like a scary ride in the dark to get your blood flowing!

We met some friends at Tony’s Restaurant on Main St. and had lunch. Wasn’t crazy expensive, $50.00 for the 4 of us and 3 of us had leftovers to take with us to munch on later. This was an excellent meal. More details to come on the restaurant board.

After saying out goodbyes we took the firetruck down Main St. and headed to Space Mountain… I love this ride. Brings back memories of my trip to DL as a kid. We had to get on Buzz Lightyear 3x’s because I kept beating Jackie, by a lot!! My high score was 774,000 hers was 168,000. Don’t tell her I told you. She swears that her gun wasn’t working right….on all three trips. Next we hit the TTA twice, we were hoping for a breakdown in the dark spots… did I mention that there were no kids on this trip?

Over to Adventureland and BTMRR. Nice ride, great for the kids…. If we had brought them!! Next quest was for a Dole Whip. It was OK…I know that there are a lot of fans of this treat out there in PC land but, I would rather have some pineapple slices.

In between getting to the rides and lunch and snacks we looked for CM’s and pins. BAD Pin Collectors!!! I was still looking for some of the set I started to collect, the group of 7 Mickeys on film with years. I had 4 of the 7 after just 2 days.

We were told by our friends at lunch that we should try to hit the lounge at the California grill and see the MK Fireworks from there so that’s where we headed. Boy, getting those seats is a prize in itself. They don’t stay unclaimed for very long and people get down right nasty to get them. We got there early and let the hostess know that we would just be sitting in the lounge instead of a table (also available) because we were only having dessert…we were still full from lunch at Tony’s. I had the Crème Brule and Jackie had the apple pie with butterscotch brandy ice cream. Both were excellent, not as good as the KoKoa Puffs or the Brownie and pecan thingy (neither one of us can remember the name), but excellent. Watching the fireworks from here was neat but we both agreed that we prefer to see them from ground level or at least a place where you can here the big BOOMS!!

After the show we went down to the shops in search of CM’s with pins and to use the phone to call the kids. After about a half hour of windowless shopping we decided to head back to ASMu. Did you know that you can’t get from the TTC to the All Stars? We didn’t!! We had to head out to DD and then back to ASMu. I swear it took 3 hrs. OK, more like 1 ½ hrs though. By the time we got back we decided to get something to eat from the food court. I had a roast beef sub and Jackie had the chicken fingers. Mine was just a sandwich, nothing special. Jackie said that hers was good.

Another fun and relaxing day….the best is yet to come!!!
I'm enjoying your reports and will continue to read them even if you don't appreciate great football. Go Pats!!!
those chicken fingers.......they are addicting......thanks for all of your report
I"m enjoying your reports. LOL at Jackie falling asleep during all the dark shows! I did that in Hall of President's too, years ago when I was pregnant.
I thought it was just me!

Years ago we were rading an article somewhere and it was explaining that 80% of all auto fatalities happen to the person in the passenger seat. The passenger seat is our "90%" seat...90% of the time Jackie falls asleep:D ...and NO this doesn't just happenwhen I'm talking!!:tongue:


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