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    My travel agent just sent me the following information... just passing it on in case someone needs it... I hope I'm not doing anything wrong I'm just trying to help. USA Today also has a related article in todays edition regarding the airline policy on rescheduling air -

    Please pass this info on to anyone you know in the Northeast whose travel plans may be effected by Hurricane Isabel. Please also note that most airlines have removed the change fee associated with changing reservations potentially impacted by Isabel. If you've already changed your tickets and were charged a fee, contact your carrier for possible reimbursement.

    Insurer offers free Isabel-related services (9/16/2003)
    By Nadine Godwin

    SAN DIEGO -- The travel insurer CSA Travel Protection said it will provide a number of free services to travelers, travel agents, property managers, real estate offices and other travel-related entities that may be affected by Hurricane Isabel.
    The services include things like emergency messaging for travelers and updates on the hurricane and evacuation procedures.

    Les Maine, CSA president and CEO, said the services are offered to all comers, "not just policyholders....We want to do our part to assist everyone affected by this potential emergency."

    The services, listed here, are available via toll-free numbers or at

    * Updates on evacuation locations and places to stay.

    * Updates on highway and airport services closures.

    * Emergency message services. For callers who are unsuccessful in the effort to reach someone outside the hurricane area, CSA will try to reach the party to deliver a message.

    * An answering service for real estate and property managers. CSA said its call center, if called on to do so, will act as their answering service and deliver customized information to guests or prospective guests.

    Meanwhile, for CSA's policyholders, CSA's Emergency Assistance Services are available as usual around the clock.

    The relevant toll-free phone numbers are:

    * (800) 493-5199: For CSA affiliate partners (meaning vacation property firms that sell CSA guest cancellation insurance) that want to take advantage of CSA's complimentary hurricane services.

    * (800) 348-9505: For travelers seeking general information about Isabel; vacationers seeking information about the destinations that sell CSA's guest cancellation insurance; travelers seeking information on CSA products.

    * (800) 554-4513: For non-CSA affiliates that want to take advantage of CSA's complimentary hurricane services above.

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