Is there somewhere online where I can find ride durations?


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Aug 17, 1999
I'm trying to estimate how much I'll be able to see so I can best plan out my short time...



(Links will return when I find a new place to host the sites)
Hulk - 2m 15s
Dr. Doom - 1m 25 s (from the time Dr. Doom Starts to speak)
Spider-Man 5m 30sec
Pteranodon Flyers - 80 sec.
Dudley - 6 min (?)
Popeye - 8 min (?)
Flying Unicorn 65 sec.
Dueling Dragons - 2m 15sec.
JP - 5 min.
Trike Encounter - as long as you would like
Sinbad 35 minutes
Poseidon - 20 min.
CitH - 5 min.

By my estimate then, to see all the attractions I'd want to see, assuming no wait times and the ability to instantaneously transport from one point to another.... it would take about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Now...what are average waits on Sunday in early March? :D ;) Should I just assume 20 minutes per attraction for guestimates? And figure they'll even out?

These are the ones on my "want to see" list now (which keeps growing :rolleyes: ) -- * are "must sees", the rest are just "would like to see"


*Ripsaw falls
*Discovery Center
*Dueling Dragons (even if I chicken out mid-way through the wait -- I wanna see that queue!!)
*Cat in the Hat
Poseidon's Fury

Maybe Flying Unicorn and One Fish/Two Fish when I see them.

For a Sunday, early March (like -- *this* Sunday, 03/04) are 20 minute waits a good guess?



(Links will return when I find a new place to host the sites)
Too rough -- I come away from Star Tours with a bit of a headache and dizzy (and, at times, a headache). I don't want to ruin my trip by having a migrane because of BTTF. If I end up over at USF last and have finished all my wish-list *and* still have time (not likely at all this trip), only *then* will I do BTTF



(Links will return when I find a new place to host the sites)
From reading your other post, you will only have about 4 hours in the parks. And those four are during a weekend during the busiest hours.

Wait Times
*ET 20 min
*MIB 30-40 min
T23D 20 min
Jaws 30 min
Kongfrontation 20 min

*Spidey 40 min
*Ripsaw falls 20-30 min
*JPRA 25 min
*Triceritops 30 min (not worth it)
*Discovery Center usually takes a couple minutes for each attraction
*Dueling Dragons 30 min
*Cat in the Hat 20 min
Poseidon's Fury 35 min (the wait for this is terrible
Sinbad No wait, but 30 min show
Caro-Seuss-al 15 min
Stormforce 15 min

Plus when you count walking from ride to ride, the schedule gets much tighter.

There are no One Day hopper passes. I assume that is what you wanted. You either have to go to one park or the other, or buy a 2 Day Hopper.
No, I've already got a ticket :D

And weren't people saying that Sundays were the best days of the week to go anyway (not that I have a choice -- Sunday is the only day I can go)

I'll be arriving sometime between 11:30 and 12:30, which will give me a total of about 5:30-6 hours in the parks before I have to leave.

I'm just trying to figure out how to plan the day so I don't expect to get on Spidey, Stormforce, Ripsaw, and Jurassic Park and still have time for Dueling Dragons, Cat in the Hat, and so on. By planning out what to expect, and which rides to use Express on and all that, I can squeeze as much as possible into the rides. But as I've never been to USF/IOA before, I've no concept of how the waits are there as compared to WDW -- I've been reading waits of 10-15 minutes, and waits of several hours.



(Links will return when I find a new place to host the sites)


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