Is Hawkeye's name Clinton and does Clint Barton also have a middle name too?


Crazy For The Mandalorian
Dec 18, 2020
I am Hawkeye obsessed still and one question that has always interested me is Hawkeye's name really Clinton Barton but he's called Clint for short? Because from reading Marvel encyclopedias they refer to Hawkeye as Clint Barton rather than Clinton Barton. Also what's Clint Barton's middle name? Because I read Clint Barton's middle name is Francis and so I wonder in the Marvel Comics if Clint's middle name is really Francis or is it different?
I looked up Clinton Barton's middle name in my Marvel books and it is indeed Francis and I thought it was cool because Francis is a gentleman's name and Hawkeye's parents must've been really smart to choose Francis as Clint's middle name. But is Hawkeye usually known by Clint or when do they refer to him as Clinton?
I was so confused until I realized this wasn't about MASH or a President (and no, I was not alive when MASH aired - but I do love it mostly because I love Alan Alda).


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