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    Please post New Search


    We have upgraded to a new version of "Searchlight" the search system we use on the boards. First off a big thanks to Floren from for the incredible job he did writing the code for the new search system.

    There are a TON of behind the scenes improvements but there are a couple specific things that you will notice.

    1. If you double click a word it will highlight. You should see a magnifying glass symbol, if you click it you will get a pop up window that will search for that word.

    2. You can highlight a phrase, the same magnifying glass will appear, click it and you will get a search for that phrase.

    The above searches are always ranked by relevance.

    Another thing you will notice is that search has been greatly improved in regards to relevance. Instead of just dumping the first 500 close threads it will search deeper into the boards and give more meaningful results.

    If you notice any problems or have any suggestions please post in this thread: Search Issues

    Stay tuned Floren has promised some additional searching options in the next several weeks!


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