Interactive Wands


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Sep 6, 2017
I'm trying to educate myself about the interactive wands (forgive me, I do not know much about Harry Potter). My daughter is half into Harry Potter but I do expect her to enjoy casting spells. I'd like to have a wand before we go. Should I be purchasing one through Universal or is this something I can find used online somewhere (or maybe borrow a friends)? Do the spells work well, or is it hit or miss? Do the areas wherever a spell could be conducted get super crowded?



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Jul 22, 2017
IME, the spells are hit & miss (maybe user error?). Can eventually get them to go but most were taking multiple attempts.

Yes, spell casting can get crowded. Evening is a great time, especially after park close. It's obviously more ideal not to have to wait in line to do the spells, since then you aren't discovering the result yourselves.

Online used is a good option, borrow from friend is even better. I borrowed a wand when we went - same experience for "free." If you get a used one, and it doesn't work, the wand shops will "repair" (replace) for free, so you don't need to worry about buying a lemon. Just make sure it is an interactive one (will have a tiny glass tip).


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Mar 2, 2018
They tend to work better at night (probably less interference from sunlight). For the same reason I find the Knockturn Alley spells easier to manage. Often there will be a witch or wizard (TM) who can help give you pointers if you’re stuck.

Borrowing from a friend is the best option. You can buy off eBay or the like, but ask for pictures of the tip to confirm it has a glass lens. Some people do not know what they have. I bought one off Mercari for a really good price, and the seller said it was interactive, but it wasn’t. I had another seller say it wasn’t interactive, but it was (he bought it at the park as a souvenir without realizing what it could do). Now I won’t buy unless I can see the tip.