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Earning My Ears
Jul 30, 2000
staying off-site at Orange lake, May 5th-12th, I went to the website but it really outdated; hasn't been updated since 1998, heard they made a lot of changes. Any one know anything.

Thanking you in advance

If you'll be in Disney the 5th-19 drop me a line, do the park in groups is always great!
I think you will like it...OL is a older condo time share developement with a golf course and lots of a smaller but but nice condos......There are pools and things to to do....Disney is just down highway 192 a few miles....192 is under major construction so try to go to disney very early or a little later in the morning.....If you would like a nice breakfast buffet try Golden Corral just east about a is very good......Enjoy.....Ted
We stayed there in 1999 and really enjoyed it! The pools are very nice and there are many activities for the kids. We had a two bedroom next to the golf course and it was very nice and clean. can't say anything bad about the place! :cool:
We are time share owners at Orange Lake and have been going there twice a year for about 10 years and have never been disappointed. All units are updated periodically and we have never been disappointed.
You will find the units so roomy, clean and efficient. If there is something you need or something isn't working like it should just call housekeeping and they will be there in a heart beat.
We go there for 2 weeks in June (three bedroom) and 2 weeks in October/Nov. (two bedroom). The units are spacious and fully equipt. The complex is beautiful. Tennis courts, Basketball courts, racquet ball, putt putt, a small movie theater (free) activities everyday and night if you care to partake in them.
Convenient to Disney especially if you take that short cut off 192 into AK.
The pool areas are wonderful, with the newest pool having a slide for the kiddos. There is a sand beach on a lake where you can rent seados (sp?) and paddle boats. There is a buffet everynight or you can order a la carte, there is also a pizza place on site that will deliver to your unit. (terrific sandwiches too!). There is a small store on site, but in all reality it would be better to get your groceries from Public Market. There is a tram that travels the complex to take you to the club house, golf areas, tennis, pools, etc.
We have been going there for more than 10 years and consider it our home away from home.
You can see the fireworks (in the distance) from different areas in the complex. Each unit has a balcony or a porch.
There is a Public Market - from the back entrance - you do not even have to get out on the highway to get groceries. There is also (in that little center) a chinese restaurant that has wonderful food that you can order from and take out - a dry cleaners and a liquor store. Down 192 is a restaurant called JT's and it has good food too!
Be sure and catch the "Hawaiian Luau" night - it is a treat...and you do not have to eat there to see the show!
If you have more specific questions please do not hesitate to ask..........
Only 47 days and we are on our way again!!! I CAN'T WAIT - IT'S MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD. (Especially now that I have an AP and can go over to Disney whenever I get the "urge"!
Have a wonderful time......I don't think you will be disappointed.
We are also owners at Orange Lake. The first time we went to Disney we stayed at Days
Suites next to Old Town. We were not very pleased and we looked at Orange Lake and
bought a week that year. A few years later we bought a second week. We love it!
We rent a car when we go through Orange Lake so from the airport we take Mears to
Orange Lake and check in- the car is waiting for us there. Then we call one of the on-site
restaurants and order supper for delivery to our condo while we unpack. After that we go
to Publix to get groceries. We have it down to a science!
One year it was raining when we arrived and my daughter was looking outside the door.
The phone rang a few minutes later. It was the on-site security. They saw her looking out
the door and wanted to make sure everything was okay.
It's very convenient to Disney, we feel very safe there and there is alot to do. They have
4 or 5 swimming pools (I've lost count), several golf courses, mini putt, movie theatre,
several restaurants, a little grocery store, a golf store, all kinds of entertainment like
all you can eat buffet night, 50's night, etc. They also have an 80 acre lake that you
can go water-skiing, jet boating, canoeing, fishing, you name it. They rent all kinds of
equipment. They also have board games on site that you can borrow if you just want to
stay in and play a game.
Last year we weren't planning on going so we put our week up for exchange, then we
decided to go and had to stay elsewhere. It just wasn't the same, in fact we went and
visited Orange Lake while we were there. I'm sure you'll be happy. Sorry this is so long, I
just get excited when I talk about Orange lake or Disney.
I'm was so excited to read your post. I want to thank you for the tip about the rent car from OL. We usually fly into Tampa and drive over to OL, never thought about doing what you do...
What week do you go? We go the middle two weeks in June and the Last in October, first in November and I would go more often if we could.
Something that we do - we order from JT's for pick-up. They have the best chicken wings and potato skins ever. They are located right outside the complex, just make a right and go down about two or three "blocks".
There is also an small Italian restaurant down from the complex, "Bruno's". What a place, it's always quiet, the service is terrific, the food is great and the prices are good too. Again, just make a right when you leave OL and watch on the left it's in a small strip center on the end. There's a coupon for 10% off in the free advert. leaflets available everywhere.
So glad to meet you!
Anyone else out there with some good tips?
one day left befor we leave, after reading all your posts, i'm more excited than ever to be going to orange lake, thanks for everything. please don't stop your post, the time goes by faster while i read about disney and the tips we'll really help when we get there will feel like pros!

Thanks again
Disney Maniac
Hi Barbara,
Unfortunately we don't get down as often as you do. We have a week in Jan and a week
in August. We usually go down every two years in August. We're in Canada and the
exchange rate is a killer. We just went to Michigan for a few days and $400 U.S. cost us
$632 Canadian! We're going next year and decided to book a Disney Cruise. We're going
in August 2002 for 4 days at the Contemporary (which we are very excited about because
we've never stayed at a Disney resort) and 3 days at sea on the Wonder. Then we'll spend
a week at Orange Lake after. I can't wait!
Have fun when you're there in June.
So good to hear from you -
Greatoneadp - have a wonderful trip - let us hear from you when you get back. Remember to take that short cut over to Disney - that construction and traffic on 192 is so frustrating!! Also be sure and go to the luau at OL , you don't have to eat the dinner to see the show! We walk over with our own drinks from our condo. Also
check out the putt putt at OL - when we were there you could pay $15.00 for the entire family for the whole week to play. Only 41 days for me to leave for OL!!!
Disianne - I can't believe the rate of money exchange! I'm surprised that it's that way between Canada and here. I've never been there but some friends have and say it's beautiful.
I want to do that Disney cruise too - but haven't talked Hubby into it yet. I'm already jealous...went on my first cruise last October for 4 days out of Maimi and I just loved it. It was a Carnival Cruise and it was so much fun. A friend of mine took that cruise that you are taking with her hubby and 2 girls. They loved it. What a wonderful thing to look forward to!!!
What I really want to do is go DW the first week in Dec. I've never seen the holiday that's my next secret plan!
It has been so nice hearing from you both. Stay in touch new friends!!


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