In your life , have you been to more countries or had more pets?

I have only ever had two pets - three if you count my childhood dog. I have been to three other countries excluding the US. So, it could really be a tie depending on how you look at it.
7 cats, 1 dog, 1 horse, more goldfish than I can remember, and a couple of turtles, guessing 15 in total. Guessing, again, about 15 countries, so it's likely close to tie.
Countries. had a rabbit when I was very small, a hamster, a dog for a few years, and DH had a cat when we got married. Kids had a gerbil, goldfish, and guinea pigs

Same here. I wonder if the people that have visited so many other countries live in America or abroad.
Live in the US. Have been to Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico, Belize, Caribbean countries

Next year will add South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe
Been to quite a few countries, but since I've had many tropical fish over the years I'd have to go with pets.
Unless World Showcase in Epcot count, then Pets.
only 2 countries,(1 brief afternoon in Niagara Falls, Canada,)
Dozens of cats over the years. We had many, many outdoor cats, when I was a child, but in adulthood, hav10 cats, 1 dog.
Currently have 1 dog, 2 cats.
I need to get to travelling! I think a good European River Cruise would help with that, and/or a trip to the UK....dreaming.
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