I'm so mad! I called to confirm my PS and 2 were wrong!!


Jun 19, 2003
I made (or thought I had made) a PS for Crystal Palace before our MVMCP on 12/9 at 4:30pm. I was surprised I got the PS, but was so excited when she said it was available. That was about 2 weeks ago.

When I called today, she said the PS for Crystal Palace was for 2/9/05!!!! What???? Of course they are all booked now. Thankfully I still had my original PS for Liberty Tree Tavern at 5:30. I was so mad!

The other one had been made for the wrong day. :rolleyes:

Moral of the story...confirm your PS!!!
well, not cp..........but when we called last week, the girl was obviously NEW & it took 20 minutes to make one ps....so we thanked her,hung up and recalled. she'd actually screwed it up....hope then i call on sunday for CRT that i get a seasoned operator!!
We had similar issues with our PS in October. They had 2 adults and 9 kids for one breakfast. While the CM was changing the reservation, she accidentally disconnected us. So it was a mess cleaning that all up.


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