im am sooooo.....


Boy mom/twin mom
Apr 28, 2001
BUSY!!! i am babysitting tonite, and tomorrow, and i have cheerleading practice on on sunday, more church junk l8er that nite and i have an away game to cheer at on mon. i have sooo much homework, it will take forever!
yea me too- friend's house and dance tonight, then sleepover, tomorrow i have to write a history paper, then that night i'm going to the movies, then on sunday i have church, have to study for two quizzes (history and english) plus review physics and then i have a lacrosse game...

but at least winter break is coming up soon! :)
I've been really busy, too. Our mid-terms started today. We have two a day, so I had English & Chemistry today, World Civ. & Child Development on Mon., Chorus & Japanese on Tues. and Adv. Algebra II & lunch on Weds. Then tomorrow, my boyfriend is coming with me and my family to a concert and on Sun. we are having a party for a ton of people to come over and watch Christmas specials. I can't wait for our holiday break!

I am so busy too! See my post on the "what's new" thing to understand lol - I am too tired to type it all out again!! Winter break is so late this year too...normally today would have been my last day of school...but noooo...I have to go for another whole week full of crabby teachers because they haven't finished their Christmas shopping and want to be on break too! :)
Yeah us too! We still have to go ALL next week!! And I'm soooo busy too! I just got back from a bball game that ended like 1 1/2 ago and then tomorrow I have practice from 8-10 am, the I'm getting my hair cut, picking out our Christmas tree and babysitting. Then on Sunday I'm going to church, maybe shopping and then out to eat for my b-day! And my homework'll have to get done sometime too! I can't wait for break!!!! plus 2 more bball games next week, a 4 page english paper and a 200 point biology test!!!! Have a good break everyone!


im not as busy as last week!
i got back from DL with 3 tests and 1 quiz to make up! so i was doing one afterschool every day..its hard to study for another test and then have to do all the regular school work
i have exams starting tuesday so this weekend im studying for all my exams!

i will feel soo much better at the end of the week!
I'm wicked busy too.
Since break is coming up they are trying to end everything at school (lots of papers and presentations).
I have to start testing for my science fair project (a really big deal and a really big grade) over xmas break so i have to get all the state paperwork in this week.
My socail life is way too stressful now so when you combine that and school....I'M EXHAUSTED!
Plus in March my family is visiting the colleges i'm interested so i have to make lists and find out where everything is so we can plan routes...along with my high school work. It's not fun.


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