If you could suggest one NOT-TO- MISS handi item to pack....

A little purse
My Dd has one that has a strap that I cut to the right length to fit under the seat of her wheelchair. The strap attaches it to the area where her footrest hangers go. There's a clip on the strap so we can take it on and off easily (but it usually stays on). We use the bag for small items she might need in the bathroom. With her chair parked in the stall, the bag is easy to reach and get things out.
A badge holder on a lanyard, to hold the GAC and perhaps tickets or other small things. Much easier to have the GAC immediately available than to have to fish it out of a pocket or bag. You can keep it flipped around when others have no need to see it.

a) My power wheelchair

b) Flashing hazard lights on my 'road legal' wheelchair, excellent for getting back to International Gateway 'against the tide' after Illuminations.

c) My foldaway urinal that is small enough to fit in my pocket.

Medical ID Tags

If renting an ecv:
a towel-put on the seat it gets hot
shower cap- to cover the controls if it rains (some co.provide a little cover)

small folding cooler (purse size) to put meds/juice box
3x5 card with insulin reaction instructions
ziploc bags for pumps to keep dry on water rides

Rx cards
list of Medications and dosages for all people in your group.

If taking your own w/c:
repair kit
extra chair cushion if you have it..

See how much you all have taught me in the last 21 months :)
oops just noticed you said ONE... sorry wheelsie...

I am making my first ECV trip in 6 days and some additional things I am bringing:

extra suntan lotion
Aloe lotion for the areas on your body that get too much sun

extra set of sccoter keys(if yor bring your own)

your power scooter or electric wheelchair battery charger

extra pillows(most hotels never have enough for me!)

epson salts (for my usual aches and pains that will be more with some of the wheelchair transferring at rides)

Hope this helps!!

I always take extra hand wipes with me.
A small towel for my backpack
A small flashlight
A small wrench set for quick adjustments
A small airpump to pump the tires
I always bring an electical outlet power strip. I have two chargers to plug in nightly plus my vent and feeding pump. Not only do I need the extra outlets, but if the outlet is in an awkward location, the strip makes it easier to access. ---Kathy
Don't forget potty seat covers. I've had places that didn't have them. And since as most of you I can't hover like so many folks do. I like to have a clean seat.

I also like to take carry a small pill bottle with extra pain pills. Nothing like starting to have pain and all your meds are back at the resort.
a small thing of hand sanitizer
sun screen
an 2 pr of gloves
I've never done so much pushing in my life. no gloves on those hot rims OUCH


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