If I were to buy now?


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Mar 19, 2001
Where would my timeshare be ? Would it be BC. Is the BW sold out? If I bought now from a Broker could I get a week July 20th for two bedroom at the BW? How hard is it to get a week and how far in advance do you book?

The Beach Club Villas (BCV) is the only DVC resort that is being sold for NEW contracts. With the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) your ownership interest is given to you in the form of points that can be used to reserve accommodations at your home resort (BCV), any other Disney Vacation Club property, or a myriad of other locations. You do not buy a week, per se, but a number of points which you then use to book a stay, or multiple stays. You can book accommodations up to 11 months in advance at your home resort and 7 months in advance at other Vacation club properties (Boardwalk, Wilderness Lodge Villas, Old Key West, Hilton Head and Vero Beach).

If you would like to purchase an interest in any of the other Vacation Club Properties, you can purchase them through a reseller.

This is a rather quick and short into to the Disney Vacation Club. Browse around a little and you'll probably find more detail answers to your questions.

Hope this helps!
For new purchasers, only BCV is available at WDW; HH and VB are also still available. If you buy BCV, it is a "pre-sale" as resort does not open until August and you cannot use any points except for a trip that begins Aug or after (even at other DVC resorts).

If you bought resale, you can possibly get BWV, OKW, or even VWL. However, you would not be able to call and reserve until after you close which usually takes a month after you sign the contract. Thus, if you bought today, you would not be able to call and reserve until sometime in mid-March at the earliest, four months before your planned trip. members can reserve 11 months out at home resort and 7 at others. Regardless of length of trip, no real problems when booking 11 months out; can be problem at 7 particular for higher demand seasons. By the time you get to four months out it gets even more difficult to get a room. However, during summer, one of the lower DVC demand seasons (DVC demand does not equate with Disney in general demand), you can sometimes find rooms at least at OKW even when booking late.


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