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May 17, 2000

We've had a bad week. First income taxes were done & we owe the IRS a little over $2000. Okay breathing deeply. My mini van is scheduled to go into the garage tomorrow it is making a clunking noise. Husbands jeep broke two days ago $515 later. Breathing harder - still don't have the estimate on the mini-van yet. Jeep needs to be inspected next month & tires will not pass inspection $500 for tires.



O.K. you will get through this!! It always happens like this, everything comes at you at once, then things will level out and all will be fine. It's a long time to Dec. and you'll have plenty of time to get it together financially. Remember where there is a will there is a way and with a sprinkling of pixie dust (sprinkle, sprinkle) your dreams will all come true! ;) ;)

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i just had a week almost the exact same as you had The fact that my two of my trucks broke down was the best part of the week Ha Ha. Money supplies are now low but i started planning another WDW trip and feel much better. You have plenty time before you go, so the next time you have a bad week just close your eyes see the castle in your minds eye and the Day ( week ) will HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GET BETTER. Before you know you will be there have fun and just close your eye's.
One thing I have learned is never anticipate having extra money. Something will ALWAYS break if the word extra even crosses your mind...
I think its part of Murphys law.

Something everyone should do is take an auto repair class in high school or continuing ed. Better yet, become good friends with a mechanic! We have paid through the nose to keep our cars in good working condition. If we did simple maintenance ourselves the savings would be substantial.

I've had weeks like yours and the best thing to do is realize that its just money and shrug it off. I think of money just as something I need to pay for the basics. The really special stuff is always free!

Having said that, Disney of course is a basic! ;)
I feel your pain! Paid $4,700 to have DH's engine replaced Friday and yesterday his company decided to close down his office. (We are unemployed!) Funny how one day can change your perspective on so many things. A couple of weeks ago we were questioning whether ASMo was "good enough" for us to stay at in the fall, now we're wondering how we can hold onto that! LOL! :rolleyes:
Believe me I understand what you are going through. Been there done that and hope never to go back!!LOL Just keep taking those deep breaths and the Disney Gods will make it happen for you. Just keep telling yourself the light will be through the gates of Cindy's Castle and it will be all OKAY!! GOOD LUCK and Have A GREAT DISNEY DAY!!

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So sorry to hear everyone else seems to be having a year kinda likes ours. I decided not to let anything stop our Nov. 2001(1st ever) WDW trip back in February. I almost lost my husband--short version: he was at work, turned away just for a moment and an oxygen tank blew up. Had it blown a few seconds before he would have caught it right in the face. Thanks to his "gaurdian angel"; he turned just in time to feel the entire force go over his head. Some smoke inhalation but not a scratch on him. Anyway--not to depress anyone-- but at that point I decided that life is to short and my children are not going to stay childeren forever. SOOOO come "heck or high water" we are going to have a vacation of a life time. We don't need all the expensive frills--we just want the Disney Magic!!! I'll add all of you to my prayer list and try to remember--"God never gives us more then we can handle."
We have all had weeks like yours and thankfully they do not occur too often! Best of luck to you! Dec is a long time away and you will have a great time in Disneyworld!
Oh I hate weeks like that. All I would be thinking about is how far that $2000 in taxes could go in Disney! And don't get me started with minivan's breaking down - last week when it rained my power steering belt came off in the middle of a turn - what a surprise that was! Anyway, hang in there and hope that bad things come in threes (taxes, minivan, truck) and you're done now! :)
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Oh, just wait until you get to Orlando ;)! Seriously, this is quite a setback, but you have plenty of time to put aside money for your December trip.

-- Robin
just lost power steering in my minivan recently what kind is yours maybe there's some lemons out there
hi luv2nascar,
Just a suggestion here. Since you're planning on a December vacation, why not combine it with the holidays and have it be a Christmas present to you and your family? That way, you'll be spending less on Christmas.
My husband works construction-- I've learned to be very creative with my way of saving. Vacations are essential, especially for people who suffer through such long (in our 6th month now) winters. Lots can and will happen between now and December. Hang your clothes to dry this summer instead of using your dryer, you'll save $100. anyway! You'll have a great vacation ;)
Boy do I feel for you....uncle Sam never forgives anyone...but just so that you know, you can pay him in installments now, it's legal for people who owe less than 10.000 dollars.
I'm so sorry for all your car trouble but you still have a long time to plan and save some money.
Just last night I was asking my husband if he still wants to do the cruise ( his job is not very secure these days ) and he said absolutely, the difference is , the cruise is mostly paid off, the airline tickets are paid off and the rest of the hotel stay is half paid so all we have to do is save for food and 200 more for hotel. To heck with everything...I'm not going to worry about everything, life is too short and I don't have time to worry!!
Hang in there and go for it! Saw so many people scrimp and save for a rainy day, then life happens and they leave this earth without ever getting to enjoy their sunny days! I am not advocating fiscal irresponsibility but the good lord knows you've got to enjoy yourself! :D
I too feel for you. If your trip is not until Dec. sign up for the rewards programs, where you can earn gc and money toward your trip. I started in Jan and have approx. 100.00 dollars for May trip already
I don't usually write emotional posts. I'm not very open about problems BUT I have to thank you all. As you were encouraging "luv2nascar" you were also encouraging me through an equally traumatic week (possible unemployment for hubby, etc.) AND we're going to WDW in May also, come "heck or high water." It's so nice to know others are struggling and surviving, too. Good luck, "luv2."

I just needed to vent when I posted it & to hear from some good old friends that it would be okay.

I know it will be okay & I know their are lots of people with far worse problems then possible not getting to disney again this year.

I thank God for my family & our health. My family is prosperous in so many ways that money has nothing to do with.

Thank for for all the encouragement. As my aunt always said "Make hay while the sun shines". I am working 10 hours OT this week & for the next few weeks to bring home the bacon. It's not so bad I normally work 4-5 hrs OT. I figure an extra 5 hrs a week will help out.

Took good luck - I was actually surprised how thrifty I have become when forced to.


Take a deep breath, make some casseroles with hamburger (or better yet, meatless) a few days a week and keep making those plans. I took a leap of faith and took 7 year old DS to the world when I was a newly divorced mom, barely making ends meet, medical bills from kid's asthma, etc. I don't think he remembers now(he's 18 now, and things are MUCH better)that we had cheap meals at home for 6 months, but I KNOW he remembers every detail of that magical trip we took.
Don't you just love these unexpected punches in the gut...NOT!! Some things just take the wind right out of your sails and owing Uncle Sam would do just that! I have no advice, but wanted you to know that I hear what you're saying and I hope everything works out for your trip! MJ


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