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    Oct 16, 1999
    Hi everyone!
    This is my first post on this board!
    Anyway all this info has my head spinning:yo-yo:
    Please don't mind all the questions, search is down.
    Here goes:
    DH has a bit of a phobia about being in places he feels he can't get out of. It's not claustrophobia, it has a different name that I can't remember now:rolleyes:
    Anyway, I am thinking for him to feel ok on the cruise we should get a stateroom with verandah?
    Which catergory if we have never cruised before and are alittle nervous on how we will be on the ship conserning motion sickness?
    When is a good time to go? We would want it to be not too hot and decent price.
    What exactly is included in the price for a cruise only?
    Do we need extra money for snacks and such?

    That's all for now, sorry!
    OH, if this info helps you help me:
    It will be myself, DH, DD6yo, and DS almost 1yo
    We are thinking of cruising this year. Maybe before our Nov. trip?
  2. Jeanny

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    Jun 17, 2002
    Hey Desnik~
    Welcome to our cruising world of Dis!! Stick around these boards and you'll learn so much. Don't be afraid to ask ANY question, that's what we're all here for!

    I can TOTALLY identify with your hubby... If I'm blocked in, I start to panic.. as long as I can see and nothings right in front of me, I'm fine. Tell him, not to worry, he'll be ok... I was in line for the safety drill and they put my daughter in the back, then me, then two HUGH people, I mean tall & wide in front of me, then put another family on our other side... well, I practically pushed the kiddies down because they kept moving closer to me, so I jumped out of line and told the CM I couldn't stay back there, he saw the look on my face and put me in front. Another CM came by and tried to make me move and the first CM came over and said "NO, she stays there!!!" So they are sympathetic and understanding.
    We stayed on deck 7, which I found great, not much motion, just a gentle rocking. I could feel the motion more down in the dining rooms... don't know if I'd be able to handle deck 2. We had a verandah, so it was nice to be able to see outside all the time (except at night, not much to see at sea..HaHa)... Some people love deck 5, I didn't go down towards any of the cabins on that deck, so I don't know what the motion is like. You can also get a navigator's verandah (there are pictures on Barb & Tony's site).

    Just about everything is included in the cruise price, except for alcohol, you have to purchase a soda sticker/mug, I think you get it for free in the dining rooms only, but you can get coffee, iced tea, lemonade, hot tea, hot chocolate at the drink station on deck 9. Excursions and your souveniers aren't included in price.

    you can get food 24 hours a day from room service (except the first afternoon & last night). They have all sorts of snacks. You can pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers, ice cream just about all day long... Scoops (the ice cream place) also has a fruit bar during certain hours and they also have chocolate chip cookies out most of the time.

    When we went to topsiders for the breakfast buffet in the morning, we'd grab some of the little boxes of cereal and an extra milk and have it as a snack later on... there are "beverage coolers" in they staterooms, they keep things chilled, not really cold, so we'd drink the milk right away, didn't take the chance of leaving it too long. It kept my water and lemondade/iced tea's nice & chilled...

    check out Dave's site ...http://www.dcltribute.com/

    and Barb & Tony's site... http://www.castawayclub.com/

    Hope some of this is helpful for you and I know our resident experts will be along to help with more questions shortly!!
    Just GO anytime of the year & Have fun
  3. Born 2 Cruz

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    Sep 19, 2003
    Don't panic this is a vacation and the most important thing is to arrive the day before..

    There is too much food to choose from, too many activities, there is just too much darn fun to be had.

    I get certain aniexty from being away from work and I work myself into a lather before we even leave and then I am on the ship and only have the internet and all of a sudden it all works out ...

    What I am trying to say is that our minds can and will play games with us as long as we let it.. but it hasn't stopped me from planning vacations...

    Ask away ..


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