I loved POR!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by msteddom, Aug 25, 2003.

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    May 23, 2003
    Just thought I would share my feelings on my recent POR stay. I was there from 8/12-8/19 on FTP. I was very impressed with the resort, and it ended up being a perfect choice for me, though I think the friend that I was travelling with might have prefered another resort, she just wasn't that in to the theme.

    We requested a non-smoking room in the mansions and were assigned room 9603 in Parterre Place. It was on the first floor of the main PP building, looking out on to the parking lot. I wasn't that impressed with our location, but there was nothing wrong with the room itself, so I was just going to live with it. It turns out that there was a very noisy air conditioning unit right outside and it kept my friend up for most of the night. She asked if we could switch rooms and I was secretly pleased, because I was hoping for a better location. We went to the front desk at about 7:30 AM and were given room 9713 on the second floor on the other side of the building. I was much happier with this location. We were still just steps away from the parking lot, but had a nice view of a courtyard. We were also very close to the quiet pool. The main building was a five minute walk away , which was a very pleasant way to start the morning.

    Both of our rooms were spotless upon arrival. I especialy noticed that they bathroom was exceptionally clean, the tile looked practially new. Housekeeping was excellent, always done early in the day while we were at the park.

    We took the boat to DTD one night and loved it. It was relaxing and informative.

    I was not that impressed with the food court, but then again I don't tend to be impressed with food courts in general. The waits to get hot food were quite long no matter when we went and the service was slow. I do think that the prices were reasonable, and the food was good. If something could be done to improve the effeciency of the food stations it would go a long way to improving things. I loved my refillable mug. I used it often enough that it was a great deal, and a fun souvenir.

    We ate breakfast at Boatwrights on our last day and I was not very impressed. The atmosphere wasn't very pleasant. I also thought that the food, while very good, was overpriced.

    So overall, I loved the resort, the landscaping, my room and its location, the pools, and the resort's proximity to all of the other parts of WDW.

    I wasn't very impressed with the onsite dining, but that was a minor flaw in my overall impression of the resort. This was my first time at a Disney resort, so I'd like to try some others before I go back, but I have a feeling that POR will always have a special place in my heart!
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    I love POR, too!

    We stayed in Magnolia Mansion last Dec and really loved it. I wasn't thrilled with the food court either, but as you said, food courts usually don't thrill me.

    I loved the theme. The boat ride to DTD is really nice, too.

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