i have a question...


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Feb 4, 2000
my mom said we can go to DIS-CON!!! im soo happy!

but i haev a question-
if we do go then we are going to leave here friday night so i only miss 2 days of school...is it ok if we miss a bit of what happens wednesday night?
Hi, WDWfanatic288,

At the bottom of this post, you'll see a link to Patinmn's itinerary of DIS-CON I from last year. It showed the official and unofficial meets.

This year, Linda, suggested a tenative plan of having a choice of two lengths of convention instead of one, which includes a week-end plan for you.

Here's her statement:
We are looking into possibly having some type of fun dinner event one night (with a few surprises – that I can't tell you about or they would not be a surprise, but you'll love it!) - I'll look into group pricing for Hoop Dee Doo also
*DIS Treasure Hunt – this will take place over a few hours around the BW/Y & BC resort area. You'll have to figure out the clues or solve a riddle to get to the next checkpoint – 1st team that gets to the end wins a prize.
*DIS Karaoke themed event.
*Opening reception about the same and last years, maybe the treasure hunt will follow.
*We're arraigning with WDW for a special group booking phone number for the convention that y'all can call WDW directly to book rooms for the convention – they except credit cards and will issue refunds if you cancel and the confirmation. Anyone booking through this block.
*Did y'all like the breakfasts? Another character breakfast is possible or we'll do something with characters at another event. – Oh, and if we do breakfast it will be later starting at 8am
VERY Tentative DISCON 2002 Itinerary
***very subject to change!
Tuesday – registration/reception
Wednesday - possible Magic Kingdom Event (evening)
Thursday – dinner event
Friday – character breakfast/ evening open???
Saturday – Illuminations Dessert Party
Sunday – closing breakfast
I hope that this helps. It reminded me, too after I looked it up.

Ray :)
Bless You Ray, your so helpful!! I hadnt seen this before either so now im even more excited then before (if thats possible!)

I see that they mention a treasure hunt - boy do i need to be on a good team - dont get me wrong i love disney, but compared to you guys i am such a novice!!

Thanks Again

ok i really lost my mind!

if we do go we will leave here wednesday night!

sorry....so we would only miss the 1st day of stuff

YAY JULES! I hope I get to meet you, me and Shep will be there. Gotta get a pic of the 2 Aug. 28th girls together, even if the dates of birth are on opposite ends of the century! :D
Emma, you're more than welcome to join our team for the treasure hunt. The only requirement is that you have to be able to drive Barry crazy looking for stuff! ;) :p :p :p :p :p :p ;) Heh heh heh!!!!!
Thank You Barb, count me in:bounce: :bounce: My disney knowledge inst that good but I'm excellent at driving people crazy:D


Me, too, Barb-for-real?

I promise I won't bump you on Splash Mountain.

Whoops, Did I say that?...hahaha!
:bounce: "Whoo-Hoo!" :bounce: Two more DIS-Con 2 takers! Congrats!!! :)
yay! im sooo excited to be going! :D :D

of course we gotta take pics of us MJ!
Of course, Ray, you're already a part of our group. :D :D
And, I saw it-it's in print-no more bumping my log off track on Splash!!!!!!!!!! ;) :p :p :p :p ;)


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