I feel stupid:( Can someone explain the Universal Flex ticket please!!


Mar 21, 2001
Ok it's good for 14 consecutive days. Does this mean you can go to Sea World and Universal on the same day and it would count as using two days of the flex pass? Or is it only one park one day. Thanks. I've found the 4 park Flex ticket for 169.55 (adult) and 135.63 (children)(floridatravelonline.com) but it doesn't say how it works. Thanks.
I purchased mine from ticketmania.com for $163 for adults and free shipping. The way I understand it, for 14 days you can use the ticket as much as you want for any of the 4 or 5 parks, depending on if you get a 4 or 5 day flex. If I'm wrong, please someone correct me. I'm only planning on going to one park a day so I didn't ask about hopping. (except for US/IOA) :)
The flexticket is good for 14 consecutive calendar days from the first day you use it. It is good for park-hopping if you choose, and you only pay to park at the first park of the day. That is, if you go to seaworld in the morning, you will pay 6 dollars to park, later on if you go to IoA in the afternoon, you show your parking stub from seaworld and you dont have to pay again to park. Also, if you get the 5 park flexticket, the bus is available for no extra charge. It takes you from selected hotels to any of the parks, even the hour trip from orlando to busch gardens. Hope this helps.
and it still only counts as one day. Is parking roughly 6.00 for all the parks? Thanks a lot.


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