I didn't mean to close the poll!

Are You A Disaholic?

  • Yes. Most Certintly! I Could not LIVE with out the Dis!

  • Kind-of. I'm not really new, but I could live a day with out the Dis.

  • Kind-of. I'm new here, and haven't really got hooked to the Dis yet.

  • No, I am not new, but I HATE the Dis.

  • No, I am new, and not interested in what the DISsers have to say.

  • No, I'm REALLY new, and am most certin that I will notbe coming back on the Dis.

  • Why?

  • I HATE chocolate.

  • I love chocolate.

  • I like chocolate

  • I am a natural Blue.

  • I am a not-natural blue

Results are only viewable after voting.


<font color=3333CC>Future Marine Biologist<br><fon
Dec 6, 2003
So, if you want, you can still poll.

I am a disaholic, I LOVE chocolate and yes, I am a natural blue.


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