Hydro Flask for 12 Year Old Boy?


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Apr 14, 2008
Thank you everyone! I definitely feel like I know a lot more about this before I started.

A couple of follow ups to some previous comments:

1) This child is very brand oriented. So while as an adult I totally understand that there are cheaper knock offs that will do the same job, I will be sticking to the Hydro Flask for this gift.
2) On this side of the famiy, all of us aunts/uncles buy for the kids only. Us adults buy for our parents but not each other. And yes, we have a budget of $50 per child, so the Hydro Flask fits in that range and is something he wanted, so it works for us.
3) I will likely look at Dick's on Black Friday because I like the idea of buying and getting a gift receipt so he can exchange. I think I'm leaning toward a 32oz wide mouth with straw lid, but maybe seeing them in person will make it more clear to me. But what I didn't realize that there were so many fakes floating around. Anyone have any experience with Amazon? If I don't find what I need on Black Friday, I admit i'm not one that enjoys the hustle and bustle of the stores on the holidays, and Dicks is an hour from our home.
There are authentic retailers on Amazon but I’d avoid that if you can because there are just as many fakes and if you don’t know the brand/colors/styles well it’s hard to know the difference.

Dick’s and REI ship relatively fast while HydroFlask themselves takes their sweet time. Whole Foods and Tilly’s are also authorized retailers if you have those nearby.

I just got this in an email from Dick’s:
If you have other sport type stuff you need to buy it comes in handy. I think free shipping is over $50. They also send out 20% off coupons and $10 off $50 coupons.


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Mar 21, 2012
Teens and pre-teens love Hydro Flasks. My niece wants one for Christmas, but she stated she wanted to pick it out herself, and then my guess is that she wants to cover it in stickers. :)


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Oct 30, 2007
If he said HydroFlask specifically, several legit retailers have already been mentioned. When they change colors seasonally REI and others will clearance those colors out at 30-50% off, but I think they just did that a few weeks ago.

When looking at options, something to keep in mind if how/where it will be used. The 32 oz bottle weighs about a pound, and then filling it add 2 more pounds. (Roughly) Now carrying 3 lbs 15 feet from the house to the car, and 30 ft from the car to school isn't a big deal, but 3 extra lbs on a 10 minute walk to the school bus gets pretty heavy pretty fast for kids, especially if they already have a backpack full of books. Unless you specifically know you can't get to water for a while, the 32oz is probably a bit much to actually carry around for a young kid.

Personally, I like the wide mouth options. Much easier to get ice cubes in, and just fill in general. So I would lean towards either the 18oz bottle, or the 20oz coffee flask (you can still use the other tops with the coffee ones, just sized to match what coffee stores usually sell).
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    Oct 11, 2017
    My daughter who is 14 wants the 32 oz wide mouth with a straw cap. When it comes to things like clothes and acecssories she tends to like things that the other kids like too, i.e., she seems to be hip to the trends, often to my frustration.


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    Jan 25, 2013
    DS16 bought one this summer, the 32 ounce, from Amazon. He's a lifeguard and used it at work and uses it at home. He doesn't bring it to school because of the weight. But he loves it. I'm thinking of getting the straw top (just the top, not another bottle) for a stocking stuffer but not sure if he'll use it, even though he uses other sport top water bottles. The other thing to keep in mind is that they are hand wash only, can't go in the dishwasher.


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    Nov 5, 2008
    Boy Scout mom here. We're working on Eagle Scout number three. Started with Boy Scouts in 2007. Things I've learned:

    You want 24 or 32 oz. 44 is too big - a lot of weight to carry around, 16 is too small - he'll constantly have to refill it. On a hiking trip he'll probably carry two 32 oz bottles so if they have a b1g1 sale get two.

    Wide mouth is better because then it's easier for them to filter water if they are in the back country - also easier for them to add things like Gatorade powder, etc. Also easier to sterilize when he gets done with a camping trip - trust me they get nasty - and the water I've seen them use for washing dishes on camping trips well :scared:.

    Something with a loop attached to the top is good so he can put a carabiner through the loop so he can attach the bottle to his belt or his backpack.

    Avoid the straw. Just one more thing to get dirty in the back country, one more thing to get lost while camping. One more thing to get moldy if he forgets it in his backpack for a month.

    Personally I'd go with this one in a dark color:

    ETA - if you are looking for a filler item to get to the $50 - carabiners are always great for Scouts. Lifestraws are also great if they do backpacking.


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    Mar 21, 2012
    Dick's Sporting Goods BF sale is now live online. I just got a 32 oz. Hydro Flask with straw lid for 25% and free shipping!

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