HRH Rocks:[Day 1] Club level and Emeril's

Gator Kate

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Aug 18, 1999
Kathy : (aka Gator Kate) 47 years young
Robin : my sis , 42
Nancy : my best friend since 7th grade, also 47


We decided to check out the CD selection in the club lounge. They had lots of choices, although not very well organized, and we picked out about 6 to take to the room. It was a nice perk. At 5:00 we headed to the "happy hour" and snacks. It was very crowded. The set up is inconvenient. They have a small round table in the foyer in front of the lounge. You go in a circle around this and serve yourself. Seems too tight and congested. A longer buffet table might flow better. They had sushi that was quite good, my favorite out of the 3 nights we ate there. Each night they had an extensive selection of cheeses. The bar was open with a few beer and wine selections. My friend said they had high quality liquor. I also liked the little bottles of Evian water.
That night we walked to Citiwalk. Considered eating at the Latin Quarter but it was too smokey and barlike for dinner. Ended up at Emeril's which was a real treat. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a table so we ate at the bar. It wasn't too smokey since most everyone there was eating a meal(overflow from the diningroom). I thoroughly enjoyed my roasted vegetables with risotto. It's always a surprise and a pleasure to find good vegetarian food when I travel. My sis had the world's best banana cream pie. Can you tell eating and drinking were the highlights of our trip?
To be continued...


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