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Jul 31, 2000
~Do any of the rooms have balconies?

~Are there many kidsuites there? Price / opinions of anyone that's seen them?

~Does anyone know where I can view pictures of the rooms? The universal site didn't seem to have any.

~Is there room service? What are the onsite breakfast options?

~And (last one!) how long does it take to get to WDW from HRH?

TIA! :)
I only know a few answers to your questions...

None of the rooms have balconies (as far as I know)

We had a room with 2 queens overlooking the pool area--it was very nice (good size too) The beds were very comfortable!

We didn't eat at HRH once, but they do have something available I believe.

It only took us about 15-20 minutes to get to WDW area on a Monday morning. We didn't stay at HRH the whole time--we stayed at WDW when we did our WDW touring

Have fun!
There is room service available. There is a breakfast buffet or regular menu at the Sunset Grille in the HRH.
Originally posted by ChiTownZee
~Do any of the rooms have balconies?
~Are there many kidsuites there? Price / opinions of anyone that's seen them?

They do have kids suites, the are very cute & colorful they have child size tables and a couple of smaller beds in a closed off room. They are expensive not sure how much.
Breakfast is at Sunset Grill, they ahve a take-out area & a nice buffet. Not sure of prices but I don't remember it being too bad.

Ours was a standard room, we were located over the hotel's front entrance so there was not much of a view, but that did not matter to us since we visit Olrando so often.The beds and pillows are SO comfy!
Room service is available, accurate, and fast, and the servings are generous but expensive- if you shop the menu carefully you'll be fine.
There is a fully loaded and very tempting service bar in each room but again very expensive (example 6 dollars for a 18 ounce bottle of Evian, 3 dollar cans of soda)and they will charge your bill if you empty the fridge of their contents to put in yours- so beware.
In my opinion the hotel's best features are the pool, the beds, and my personal favorite, the boat ride to Citywalk. Also the staff are all exceptionally pleasant and helpful. HRH will always be my first choice when I visit USO/IOA- enjoy!


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