HRH Entertainment Rate?


Mar 21, 2001
Do you have to buy the entertainment book in order to get the discount? What kind of room to you get for 117.00 a night? I have a room at the Holiday Inn Universal. It's one bedroom suite with fridge etc. It was 109.00 a night. And it's really close to Universal. I was thinking of switching hotels just for the FOTL, but don't want to be in a tiny room. Thanks
For $117 you get a 375 sq. ft. room. For $149 you get a 500 sq. foot rm.

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When I go to their website and click hotel reservations it takes me straight to Universal Studios page?
Try 1-800-232-7827. That is for both HRH and PBH.
Hi! Can someone tell me how I could find out more about the entertainment rate for Hard Rock Hotel? Do you know when it is available and how I could get ahold of an entertainment book? Thanks so much! I am thinking about doing Universal/IOA/Sea World/Busch Gardens instead of Disney, mostly due to the price of the flex tickets. If I could get a discount on the HRH, I think I will change. Thanks again

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