HRH - Childrens Activities

No11's Mom

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Dec 26, 2000
I have a favor to ask of you lucky people that are going to be at HRH soon - please check out the supervised children's camp and let me know what they have. We will have my young (6) nephew with us when we go back and his parents might want a little alone time.


Donna R.
We won't be going untill March but, I plan on taking advantage of the HRH kids club. I will be happy to post a report for ya!



We used the childrens camp at Portofino in Dec. The woman that ran it will be moving to HRH and we talked a bit about the camp there. They will have videos and games, board and video (nintendo and play station) They bake with the children and decorate their brownies or cookies. They have tables and chairs kids size. Arts and crafts. They are served dinner (included in price)They have computers where the kids can make projects to take home. An area kids can lay down quietly if they want. I was very impressed and so were my kids, they did not want to leave when it was time to pick them up! Oh also they give you a beeper should they need to contact you.

DW Mouser,

The age was 4 and up at Portofino. The same age for Hard Rock. I would call and ask what options are available to you.
The price was $45 for up to 6 hours for the first child and $35 for each additional child. It included dinner.

I talked to HR last week was told ages 4-12. $9.00 hr. for 1st child. Did'nt have anything else set. I have 3 kids&she said they didnt have rates yet. We'll be there 1st week in March. Already have res at Emerils so definetly taking advantage of the Little Rock Club. Going to call again when there opened, hopefully get more info.


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