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Mar 31, 2001
I want to make a reservation for 4 people me, wife kids. except we area family of six (four kids) What do you think will happen since almost all the resorts only allow four people>
Well, personally I think it's wrong but I guess I'm wondering if your motivation is to be able to have everyone in one room. The Fort Wilderness cabins comfortably accommodate 6. Are any of the kids using a crib?
I've always felt bad for families of more than four. Especially when the children are young. Most hotels will tell you they can't guarantee you adjoining rooms. So then your only options seem to be the home away from homes. Which are very nice, but expensive.
If you have young kids, Disney will guarantee you connecting rooms.

Go with two rooms at the All Stars, you'll need the space.
A moderate will be tight with that many people and for the price of a deluxe, you might as well be honest and go to All Stars. For one night, we did squish everyone into one room - it was Thanksgiving and we had to move from All Stars because it was booked that night and this literally was the only room on property that was affordable. My son, to this day, will not let me forget - my own little Jiminy Cricket. I would do it again in dire circumstances but that's about it.

Due to fire code laws 6 people would be exceeding capacity in most resorts. I recall in one instance a family of 8 was found in one room at Caribbean Beach. They were asked to leave because it broke firecode laws. Your best bet would be to get two rooms at the All-Stars if money is an issue or a Cabin at Fort Wilderness as per the other poster's suggestion.
We're a family that had 3 young kids (several years ago), stayed at Fort Wilderness. Highly recommend it for families-we loved it!
Why stop at six? Why not bring your dogs and the neighbor kids too? You can hang your wash on the balcony. Make sure you don't waste time taking a shower 'cause you can always wash off in the pool as you pool hop everywhere.

Adding another room to a reservation is a considerable expense so I certainly understand this post. Not sure of the answer but maybe the Fort Wilderness cabin is the way to go. Have heard many good things about this resort. The previous comments were unkind & snobbish.
Originally posted by regi
What a rude post, joepoe.

I'm having a day. Sorry. But I do feel strongly about overcrowding rooms. Especially if I have to stay next to or below them and I am trying to sleep at night. I knock on the door to comlain and there are 6 sleeping bags on the floor and kids everywhere. Then they deny they are making noise. Then the front desk doesn't do anything about it. (Did not happen at Disney)
I agree with your last post joepoe but the way you put it was less than kind, IMO.
I don't think it's awful...I completely understand wanting to save a few bucks if it's not hurting anyone. But since it IS a vacation, I'd say pick the cabins or adjoining All Stars rooms like the other posters suggested, for comfort reasons. We only have one child, and by the end of our vacations, she seems to take up the WHOLE room...I can't imagine sharing a small space with four of her. Plus, it really would be awful to be "caught" (I don't know if this ever happens) and asked to leave! It's your decision, of course...I won't tell on you if I'm in the room next to you;)
Well, joepoe, I do understand having "those days". Been there, done that.;)
I want to make a reservation for 4 people me, wife kids. except we area family of six
No problem if you plan on leaving 2 family members behind:D Otherwise I suggest you stay in a place that's designed for a family your size. Two rooms in a value resort, For Wilderness cabins, off-site suite hotels, off-site vacation homes and off site condos will all accomodate your family and shouldn't cost much more than 1 moderate room.
Hi ! we are a family of 6 and we stay in 1 room at the deluxes but we have 2 kids under 3yo. We stay in the deluxes becouse the monorail ones have day- trundle beds in the room. So that makes 5 bed spaces and then the 8 month old is in a crib and all is well. If budget is a factor and you have young kids like us try the codes!! We rented a house in June and we loved it also. We got our house for 560. with all taxes and fees for 7 nights on . Disney will let 6 in a room if 2 are under 3yo. I would not try 6 in one room at the AS or most of the moderates with no trundle bed. I hope this helps.:D
I don't know when you are going but the woman I work with had 2 rooms booked over Easter at BC for 950.00 total but she called today and was able to book the Beach Club Villas 2 bedroom for 700.00 per night. Good Luck
Appreciate the comments - what a wonderful world -- all the different points of view. We won't do it - even though I would like to save the money. Kids learn by watching and my integrity i worth more than the room cost. We never even cheat on the age thing for entry into parks, zoo's, etc.

Of course at the end of the day it is the money. What we really want to do is stay at Poly or GF -- two rooms is so expensive for 7 days. We have been to some of the other resorts and they just don't seem as nice - nice yes - but not over the top great!!!

We will probably stay offsite and miss a little of the magic - stay in a room or rooms for our size.

But now that I have read Joepoe's comments - I'm considering the dog too. It only barks for a little while.........
Would you consider something like one of the DVC resorts with higher occupancy limits? They run codes and specials at those too sometimes.:D

WL and CR have junior suites that they discount too. I'm not sure what the occupancy limit is in those though.:D
When are you going???? I know that has a great rate at Caribe Royale ( and probably will in the future) and my sister's kids just came back from WDW with their aunt. They had six at the Homewood Suites in LBV. The rate was $79 and they all had great things to say about this resort. These places even have free breakfast. Just a thought.
I completely understand the dilema, but must suggest that you not squish youf family of six into a room that accomodates less.

Last summer at POR Riverside we had a family that packed their entire extended family into the room next door. They had four loud children who they left alone in the room while the two adults went out. It was completely unfair to everyone vacationing around them. Even if the family is not loud, six people in a room creates other issues for Disney and neighbors. I'm sure you can think of them yourself.

Go for the resort that will accomodate everyone comfortably. Your neighbors will be thankful.

If you are visitng during the times that the codes are available, you can save a bundle on rooms at all different resorts. Good Luck and Have a Wonderful Vacatin.
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