How long for entire process and Mousekeeping questions


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Jan 8, 2001
Just because we are impatient:

For those of you that have bought from the TimeshareStore (although I wouldn't think it would matter which place), how long has the process taken from start to finish? The rep at the TimeshareStore (Jason is very nice) said up to 8 weeks. I hope it does not take so long (the waiting will make me :crazy: ::yes:: ,

Also, are the rooms completely cleaned, including the bedding, before the next party checks in? I know we have checked into the Allstars and the bedding was NOT changed between us and the last party.

Thanks and have a great night.


North Carolina
Apr 7, 2003
I can't answer your question about the Timeshare store, sorry. But I would like to say ..


As far as the room being cleaned.. I have never in my life stayed anywhere where the sheets were not changed! That is just gross! All the rooms I have had at Disney have been very clean when we checked in. We have had a few minor things like light bulbs being out, but that happens at any hotel.


Jan 3, 2004
We did most work by fax and mailed our deposit for BCV points 1/31 (new years eve). We then recieved a letter that ROFR was waived and to sign and forward papers to the settlement company. We then got E-mail paperwork with pdf's that we printed, signed and mailed with balance to the settlement company. We ended up in the system at DVC about Feb 10, or about 6 weeks from start to finish. We have not yet received deed or membership card but we have been making ressies already.

Good Luck!


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Jan 6, 2004
We did not go through the timeshare store but through dvcbyresale. The ROFR only took one week and the paperwork was all sent via e-mail and faxed back by us. It has been three weeks and any day now we expect to get notice that it is completed. They did say that it would take approx. 4-6 more weeks before we would get our deed. But that was due to processing at another place. What usually takes the longest is the ROFR. Disney has taken up to 3 weeks to get this processed. Once the ROFR goes through it goes fast afterwards.

As for the bedding and such we have always found OKW to be very very clean upon arrival. I really cant speak for other resorts as we have not stayed at any other DVC ones.

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