How is DCA for 2 and a 5 yo?



We went to WDW 11/00 and 4/99. Will do another Disney trip this year, but I was wondering if DL and DCA is a good alternative to WDW for a 2 and 5 yo.


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Nov 10, 1999
...I compare it to MGM Studios in a way. I would not recommend this for young children. IMHO they would be BORED!

I'm sure they's love Disneyland though. I guess it depends on how much of a trip you want to make it.

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Aug 22, 1999
There are some things there that they would enjoy - Muppet Theatre, the animation studios, some of the rides in the Paradise Pier area, and parts of the Redwood Creek Challenge. It certainly is a visual feast. Worth a hop. :)

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Aug 18, 1998
Here is what Matthew (age 5, almost 6) liked

Redwood Challenge Trail
Muppet 3-D
Superstar Limo
The Eureka Parade
Jumpin' Jellyfish
SS. Rustworthy
The Flying Zephyrs
The Boardwalk Games (HE WON ON HIS FIRST TRY)
The Sun Wheel (both moving and stationary carriages)
Disney Animation
The stunt show (Light, Camara, Chos -I think)
He wanted to ride Muholland Madness, but it was down.

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My kids are both of similar ages, (4 yr old daiughter, 7 year old son) but my biggest concern is that my daughter has bradykinesis so i'm concerned about the children getting split up (as who can keep up with a 7 year old boy anyway, let alone with bradykinesis?). are the facilities for getting children relocated good at disneyworld?


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Aug 22, 1999
Aussie Jim, you mean DisneyLand... in California - yes, they have a lost parents/childrens place in all the parks, Disneyland and DisneyWorld in Florida. :)

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Jul 13, 2000
If you can swing a day-trip, then consider a visit to LegoLand in Carlsbad (about 60 miles south of Anaheim). It is tailor made for kids about 2-10. It is a very clean park and the rides are great for the little ones. Kids get a 'height' wristband so they don't have to be measured at each ride. Most rides are accessible to kids>36 inches tall.


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