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Feb 12, 2001
I have a minivan with Dollar for 199 for a week, I am hoping to get it cheaper thru priceline. From my research, it looks like minivans are going for around 24/day thru Alamo. Is it worth it to save 50.00? Dollar is so easy since it is in terminal. Need info on how shuttle to Alamo is ie: time waiting, time driving, etc. I am traveling with husband, 5yrold, 6yrold and my dad, so big hassles are not a good thing. Thanks a million ;)
I've used Dollar, Budget and Alamo and I'd say its worth the extra for the lack of hassle for the on-airport rentals. After a 10 hour flight from the UK the last thing I need is a bus trip to pick up my rental car. Also Alamo were quite inefficient. The girl at the desk didn't understand our UK driving license and had to get a supervisor to help her input our postal code. Then she allocated us a downgraded car so we had to go back and complain and get it sorted out. The car was grubby and nowhere near as nice as the ones from Dollar or Budget.
There were no lines at Dollar or Budget and we were in our car within minutes. Both of them upgraded us for free aswell since we'd booked a 2 door and they didn't have any. Very nice clean cars. Return was equally as efficient.

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Absolutely..I recommend at the airport...I have had one horror story at Alamo and heard many others...enjoy...Ted

Wait!!! We used Alamo earlier this month(Priceline-$28 a day for a mini-van) and had NO PROBLEMS!!! The bus was one story below baggage claim, 10 minute ride, no waiting in line for agent. We were in our van and on our way in less than 30 minutes from the time we boarded the bus and loaded our luggage into the van. Last year we used Budget and I stood in line at the counter for over 30 minutes! Now I have heard some negative comments about Alamo, but we were VERY PLEASED with their service.
My experience with Alamo: We waited in line for over 4 hours. They didn't have the car we requested, tried to talk us into an upgrade (they were out of "our" car), and had to actually get my insurance agent on the phone to "decline" the insurance even though I had my insurance card with me (for the record, I was 35 and had 1 speeding ticket incident 5 years ago). The manager kept walking by us tsk- tsking that she had never seen such a crowd! Of course, the same thing happened to my sister's family 1 year later!!
When we got to WDW we realized we had left a bag at the Alamo counter. Called them at 8 pm and they said they could not access the lost and found until the next morning because "the manager had the key and she had left for the night." My mom had medication in the bag so we took a chance and went out there anyway. Well guess what, the key was "magically" found and we did end up with the tote bag although there were pointed refrences as to me not taking no for an answer.

JMHO, but my dh refuses to use Alamo EVER AGAIN! :eek:
A few years ago I went off season, the 1 hour wait at Alamo was my longest wait for the entire trip. Priceline customers pay a fee (around $5/day) for an extra driver. Usually that fee is waived for a spouse if you book direct. (a few years ago Dollar would waive it if you booked with a COSTCO discount, I'm not sure what code waives it today)

I have rented with Alamo twice. Both times the wait to get to the counter was very long. This last time (and I mean it will be the last time) it was close to Easter and the wait was over 2 hours. Very poor show.
It sounds like there is much more of a problem "on" season versus "off" season. We have used Alamo several times (even with Priceline) in the "off" season and never had a wait or a problem. Maybe they can't handle crowds efficiently.
Rented through Alamo 2 x in October, both times wait at Alamo 2 hrs or so. Last 2 trips rented thru Avis onsite at the airport in April both times 1st time 1 person in front of us, second time we were only ones at counter, so basically no wait.
We used Alamo twice - didn't wait for the third strike to change to an onsite agency.

We waited hours in line both times (thought the first time was a fluke) and the bus ride with luggage is terrible. Waiting to drop off the car and bussing back to the airport wastes vacation time! They did not like that we declined their insurance and acted terrible about it.

Now we use airport sites only. This gives us more vacation time!
We booked a compact with Alamo and decided we wanted to upgrade for a little more room. Well, they wanted an additional $38.99 a day($^%&*#!!!!!) for a larger car and we were tired so we paid it and went back the next day and turned it in and went to Dollar and got a better car way cheaper for the rest of the week. It was my first and last experience with Alamo and their gum-chomping gang at the desk. I will be loyal to Dollar from now on. Efficient, fast, friendly and so convenient.

Just a warning, stay away from Alamo! The last time we used them at MCO, we waited two hours "no joking 120 minutes" in line. Then received a piece of junk for a car. I will never use them again.

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I have used Alamo many times and have never had a problem with them. Once I disliked the color of the car (I hate white cars) and they exchanged it with no hassle whatsoever. Another time, the car I booked was too small(my fault, not theirs) for the luggage, we told them about it and they upgraded us from and intermediate to full at no charge and said "have a great vacation". Have never waited more than 15 mins. in line, now I belong to Quicksilver and have no waits at all. I am out of there within 5 mins. The shuttle is not bad at all and returns are easy.
I have heard the bad experiences and believe them, but, I have never had a problem. I have never been hounded for insurance, but, there again, I don't have any speeding tickets or accidents and they will give you grief (any rental agency will if they check the driving records) if they find anything.
Also, it matters not where or how you book the car, most places will charge for additional drivers. Alamo does, even via a direct ressie. It is on the website.
My worst experience ever was with Hertz, I will never ever ever use them. They only had one strike, but, it was a bad one. :(
Just wanted to say something positive about Alamo.


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We've had one bad experience (1 1/2 hrs. waiting time) with Alamo and three good (in and out in 15 mins). If there is only a slight difference in price, I'd say go with an on-airport rental agency because it's usually easier. In our experience, however, the difference in price was significant, approx. $120 more for the week, so we chose Alamo.
We to had problems with Alamo and their upgrading,waiting in lines etc. We did use Dollar 2 years ago (on site) and they were very good and this past Dec. tried National (also on site) and also had no problems with them and a free upgrade and really great rates and services (Thanks to Gail Hayden for all the help last Nov!)But stay away from Alamo! Hope this helps. :D
While traveling for my job, I've dealt with various rental car companies, at many different locations. They all have their good and not-so-good days, but the one company I've found consistently bad is Alamo.

- Long lines and rude agents
- Trying to "sell" you an upgrade, when your reserved car is "not available."
- Extremely pushy regarding insurance. I had one agent tell me I was "stupid" for not buying it.
- Vehicles are, in general, below par.

I now have standing instructions at the company travel office NOT to book me at Alamo. In my opinion, renting from them is a sure way to get your vacation off to a bad start.
NEVER ALAMO!! We had over a 2 hour wait at 1am!! They were rude, no place to sit, it was a horrible start to our vacation. I wouldn't chance it for 500$ let alone 50$, IMHO.
Ditto! Arrived at the airport at 10:30 at night. Got to our hotel after midnight. Alamo is the worst! Renting a car on sight takes about ten minutes. There is nothing worse than starting your vacation waiting at the car rental depot. Never again.

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We've used Alamo about 8 times. Never had a problem. Get luggage, walk out of terminal, get on bus, ride 10 minutes, get off bus, rent car. Lines seem to be about equivalent to lines everywhere in WDW. In other words, if it took 15 minutes at Alamo, lines at Disney were short. If it took 40 minutes at Alamo, lines verywhere in Florida were long. Never had a problem declining insurance. They will offer upgrade, just say no. If they are "out" of your car, suggest a no-charge upgrade, I have gotten one.

We alsways use the website to pre-reserve, maybe that helps.


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