How do you get a lot of points on Men in Black?


Dec 31, 1999
My high score is around 250,000 - but not sure how I scored them. Does anyone have pointers to scoring high in MIB?
1.) Do not let up on the trigger.

2.) Shoot at the same target many times.

3.) Keep on aiming for the fusion exhaust port during the theater area. If you hit it, it gives you about 30,000 points.

4.) Push the red button and get 100,000 bonus points.


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Jeez, you're spoiling all the fun. How're us "old pros" supposed to lord it over the newbies now??*

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Next time, I am charging $5 a tip. :) Anyway, I still have some secrets up my sleeve.


Barry Hom
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Thanks for the tips, I am going to try this tonight after work since Universal is open until 10 tonight. Does it matter when you hit the red button? I tryed holding down the trigger thing and I score high sometimes. I think the singles line for MIB is great.
The red button can only be pushed just before you entire the giant "bug" at the end. You can hear Zed tell you when to do it, but what I do is just hold the button down from the time you turn to face the bug to the time that BONUS starts flashing on the display.
We have got back and here are our tips BTW my boyfriend high socre was over 700,000 and mine was over 400,000

1. In training you should get 20,000 or if you get it right 30,000 aim at 1 maybe two aliens and just keep hitting them.

2. Aim for the aliens at the top - forget the ones on the bottom unless there arent any at the top.

3. Dont forget the aliens in the bushs on the left just b4 the screening of cars. They will get you good points - you should have 200,000 by here if you are doing well.

4. On the left in the top window just above the guy on the phone near the end there is a pair of eyes if you are in the right hand side you can hit these at least 4 times they are a really easy target.

5. Just b4 Will Smith at the end (b4 the final alien) there is two aliens on a coke thing just above on the wall there are a paor of eyes - they are well hidden but give you very good point if you get them.


6. Always always use single rider - its the only way to ride MIB !

Sally :) - Who has been back two days and is missing MIB *sigh* ;)
These tips worked great I went on MIB 5 times in a row last night and got more points every time. My high score was 446,000.
From a show by Universal in a behind the scenes look it was mentioned that you will have better accuracy the farther away you are from your target when shooting. My best has been over 40000 but I plan on doing better when I go back with all these hints. My next trip is Oct. 2001. I could play this ride forever and never get tired of it.
Shoot farther away from you. The laser acts as a cone and item farther away from you can easily be hit accurately rather than objects closer to you. I learned this too late. Every time I went on this ride last july (3 times), I wound up getting 20,000 points every time, give or take a little. I wish I knew about this aspect of the guns. :jester:

Shoot at the parking meter with the green eyes on the RHS after the part where you are supposed to shoot their exhaust port. Keep shooting. Big points. Got 580,000 that round when no one else was shooting there.
Did MIB last night and scored 581,000. I watched a special on the Discovery Channel the other night.
So, do you win a prize for high points, like putting you name or initials somewhere? a teddy bear? a mib bear?
The point of points is to beat what you got the last time (and beat your children and spouse as well!!!!!)

The only prize is satisfaction and the angry look on their faces!!!!!!
I agree damo! I've never done MIB (only 33 more days to go) but I've beat my husband every time on Buzz Lightyear by "studying up" and I've never told him how I do it. I just let him assume I'm better than he is! ;) Now that I've got the scoop on MIB, I'm gonna cream him there too.

Hey, a girl has to have a few tricks up her sleeves! Keeps him wondering,
There is a thread called MIB Handbook for right and left tracks. started sometime the first of november. It is extremely detailed and written by someone who can actually hit 999,999.:smooth:
I need to read the MIB handbook, I scored my high score of 652,250 last week. I would like to get 999,999 just once on MIB, got it on both sides of Buzz Lightyear yesterday.
Hi MIB999999, I couldn't find the thread in a search. Do you have the link?

Cheryl :bounce:


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