Late Flight into MCO

Yes, I forgot about that. :o

And I realized that if @Jarthur was willing to pay the price of the Hyatt, then yeah, maybe just going to CBR directly, even late, would be the most overall frictionless choice. Good to see that is what they decided.

I, however, am cheap, so I would have gone with the airport hotel. 😂
Great post. Many posters don't respect the fact that other guests have different budgets and priorities.

Years ago posters were discussing hotel laundry pricing. Some items cost almost as much to launder as to replace it. One poster said it's worth a few hundred dollars to come home with a suitcase of clean clothing.

Not the way I allocate my vacation dollars but different people have different budgets and priorities
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Edit: I ended up calling the reservation line and getting another night added to our stay at CBR. Thanks everybody!
Glad you made a decision that works for your family.

Since your budget allowed for the Hyatt at MCO adding on to CBR is the way we would go.

Being able to get back to the room the next day at any point from the parks is the key advantage to us.
Also it is quicker to get to Disney late at night than to try and get there during the morning hours after sleeping, getting ready and repacking everything back up.
There is another advantage to staying inside the airport.

We recently had to wait about an hour for a shuttle to take us to a nearby airport hotel. Now, had we known it would take that long we would have called an Uber, but these are the kinds of delays that can happen when traveling.

The more you travel, the less someone is surprised by these kinds of delays, but if you don't travel much and are unaware, they can add a lot of stress.
Hard disagree on this. At 1AM you will basically be given the last room available.

This isn't necessarily true. If you do online check-in, your room will be assigned long before you actually arrive.
Hello good people. I’m having a bit of a dilemma for an upcoming trip to WDW for my wife and I and could use some advice on what we should do. Our flight is scheduled to get into MCO shortly after midnight the day before our first day over at CBR and I’m contemplating either staying at the Hyatt MCO or taking an Uber whenever we land and just book a night at a value resort for a night and move over sometime in the morning.

Hyatt MCO: $306 (with a discount after taxes and fees)
Pop Century: $213
All stars (Mo/Sports/Music): ~$170

Any advice on what we should do here? My gut tells me I should just book the Hyatt because of the possibility of delays with the flight being that late. Sounds way easier than possibly landing after 1am and taking a 30+ minute Uber that late. But, $300 for a room that we’ll be in for a relatively short amount of time is a bit steep. I’ve also looked into the Disney Springs area hotels which are about the same price as the cheapest Values but I think at that point I might as well pick a Disney resort so we can utilize the luggage transfer service.

If anyone has better suggestions please let me know as well. Thank you

Edit: I ended up calling the reservation line and getting another night added to our stay at CBR. Thanks everybody!
We arrive late (9:45pm ish) and decided just to stay at the airport Hyatt. Wake up, get some Dunkin Donuts coffee/small breakfast and then walk out, get Uber and head to AKL in the morning.

I'm actually quite excited to try it out.
We have done the airport Hyatt Regency before but we are going to try the Hyatt Place that is about 3 miles away for our trip in December. It's just 2 adults and our flight is scheduled to land at 9:30pm. The hotel shuttle runs until 2am and they offer a free breakfast it is $147 vs the $317 AAA rate at the Regency. We had a flight scheduled to arrive at noon, but when SWA changed it to arriving at 2:45pm, it messed up our plans to go to a park on our arrival day. For just the cost of the hotel, we can add a full day to our trip by arriving the night before. Plus, we had planned on using a town car service from MCO-WDW but if we are getting picked up at the Hyatt Place instead, we can simply call an Uber/Lyft when we are ready.


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