How do they check Height??


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Jan 12, 2000
Before I get burned at the stake how and when do they check a childs height? At wdw is swear they add an inch to be on the safe side. How accurate is UDF/IOA? Do they really check height at Spiderman?
At the park entrance, Universal puts a standup that says "You must be higher than the line to ride." They put your back against the standup and see if you cross the line. Also, some ride ops at the loading area carry a stick with a red line on it. If the ride op has any doubts, he or she will measure you with the stick and see if you cross the red line.


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The height markers at IOA and USF are VERY accurate. An actual height line to measure your child is located in numerous places including: Outside the entrance to the park, at each Express kiosk, at the entrance to each attraction, and on the loading platform of each attraction. In addition, many times the attendants on the load platform will measure your childs height if they believe they may not make the height requirement.

Yes, all the height measurement tools are VERY accurate. No, Disney doesn't add an inch "just to be on the safe side." In fact, you'll notice most of Disney's height requirements are much lower than Universal's (compare Kali to Bluto's) - kinda makes you wonder who adds an inch "just to be on the safe side!


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