How disappointing!

If you want something fun and relaxing try Pat O'Briens or Jimmy Buffet's.

If you want something upscale Emeril's. Have the "Study of Duck".

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Confisco's has a great character lunch. What is the make-up of your party? We were two families each with an 11 year old boy, and we had a great time. We were there last January on a kind of slow day (Super Bowl Sunday), so we had characters at our table practically the entire time. The boys expecially liked the pretty gypsy who told their fortunes.

Sorry you didn't get a quick response to your question. Sometimes you have to bump it back up, or give some detail and be specific about what your are looking for.

Hope you have a great time.

Donna R.
Some of us do not have access to computers from work so you may have to wait till evening to get a response to a post but generally someone always responds.


Mythos is a theemed gourmet restaurant that has had mostly good reviews but they do close early sometimes 3 or 4pm

Confiscos has a character lunch and good food


Lombards Landing usually is reviewed as the best at USF

At CityWalk

Emeril's but you need to make reservations well in advance

Jimmy Buffets

Hard Rock Cafe

You might also want to click on the word search at the top of the screen and do a search on the individual restaurants to get more detaied reviews.


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I can't vouch for needing reservations to eat in the restraunt, but they serve the full menu at the bar, and you don't need reservations to eat there ... that is what I did (I was by myself, which makes eating at the bar preferable, but for a party of two it shouldn't be a big deal, and there was a party of four doing it while I was there even).
Remember, there's someone here that can answer your questions. We may not be able to respond quickly, but we will respond! It's OK -- I get excited about trips too! :)


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I loved Lombard's Landing at USF. The salmon I had was delicious and the giant fish tank inside was great to look at.
While I always try to get quick answers to my questions on these wonderful discussion boards...there are numerous places to find what your looking for if you take a bit time to seek it out. Just type in Universal Studios in any search engine and you will come up with many links to places that will answer many of your questions. Getting answers here is not always the "only" way...although it has been a fun way for me. Hope you find what your looking for...but I would not be disappointed in this board. It is a great place to discover information, but no one is getting paid here to offer it's just a fun exchange, if ya know what I mean.

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I don't know what your question is, but, I think it has something to do with restaurants.

We love Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville! Atmosphere, food and margarita's are all great! We even took our 3 yr old son around dinner time, and there was alot of families there!

(You can also get a margartia to go! :)
Yeah, Leah is right! You can get them to go, just don't try like us to take them with you to the shuttle!hehe We had to throw our wonderful margaritas in the trash by the moving sidewalks. Well I guess we could have slugged 'em and gotten a horrendous brain freeze!!!


I guess Christina has left the building?


I'm just a Little Boy trapped in an Old Man's body.
Cafe 4 was great for cafeteria style food. It was cheap and I got alot.


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